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Cabin in the Pines 

tranquility and peace for the soul ~

Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

Cabin in the Pines

Cabin in the Pines, a limited edition giclée recently completed by P. Buckley Moss, tells us about the tranquility and warmth of home. 

Join me on a winter walk through the woods to the Cabin in the Pines:

Cabin in the Pines Framed.png

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Hear the snow crunch beneath your feet and feel the warmth of coming home.

Peace for the Soul ~

The tranquil blues and greens of this scene bring a peace to the soul.  The bare branch of the primary tree entwines with the sphere of a winter moon, a universal embodiment of time-eternal, protection and wholeness.  This same tree stands in the foreground serving as a witness to the beauty and quiet that lies

within; and its branches stretch out almost as if they were arms- reaching as far as possible to protect all of that which lies beyond.  

Reflections and Promises ~

The artist's use of negative space (the white snow) is deliberate and is not only used to create the rolling hills that lead to this mountainous retreat but also adds the horizontal lines to what is a vertical piece - intentionally settling the piece down - further reinforcing the solitude and peacefulness of the scene.  The melting snow fills the pond that reflects the pines and promises a new beginning soon to come.

Abundance and Family ~

The log cabin is surrounded by pine trees, the most ancient plant genera on planet Earth, eternally the tree of the Nativity and abundance.  The chair and bench on the front porch is an invitation to come visit, sit for a spell, and enjoy the beauty and sounds heard only in the woods. Finally, man's best friend - standing, looking, watching, and listening - is the ever-loyal protector of the family and homestead and Cabin in the Pines.

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