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any gramma would be proud…

I know Connie is!

This beautiful flower was created by Isaac as a school art project. Gramma Connie was so delighted at what he designed, she had it framed to hang in her home.

There is quite a bit of color in this piece as you can readily tell. We wanted to pickup the color within the image, yet make the piece somewhat neutral; and then Connie told me to get creative. So I took her at her word.


The inner mat picks up on the shades of pink within the flower’s petals. I used a blackcore white mat for the outer mat, making it neutral but also picking up on the white within the image. Notice that the blackcore picks up the black in the center of the flower as well as the color of the wood frame. Also, rather than cutting the corners square, I cut them with curves to pickup the shape of the petals.

What you cannot tell from the photo is the spacer that I used between the mats adding depth to the image.

and then there’s Isabella…

Christmas will be celebrated each and every day at Connie’s house with this string-art tree made at school by her granddaughter, Isabella.


Simply following the numerical pattern that she made on paper in pencil, Isabella blended the yarns to create this beautifully shaped, magical Christmas tree.


The tree is surrounded with a deep forest green blackcore mat. Again, to make it neutral, I used white as the outer mat color; however, because the black frame has a wide gold lip, barely seen in the photo, I created a complimentary gold filet to wrap around the white mat.


The golden filet and the touch of gold on the frame reflect the star atop the tree.

I would love to feature photos of things that I have framed for you. Just email the image to me along with a little story, and I will publish it in the “archives” section of the website. It really is a lot of fun to share your projects with others; and others love to see what’s been done.

My email address remains:

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