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Visitare l'Italia con Pat

(Visit Italy with Pat)

art by

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As many of you know, Pat's family heritage is Irish and Italian. She visits Europe often and returns to Italy annually, the roots of her inspiration.

If you've ever visited Italy or if it is a dream to tour the Italian countryside,

the following art features many of Pat's favorite places where she has

shared her adventures with many of the special collectors who accompany her.



Ponte Vecchio

Limited edition etching

issued in 1999

The Old Bridge stands sound and strong;

it has been standing there oh so long . . .

The only bridge to cross the Arno in Florence, Italy ~

until the year 1218 . . .

The bridge was rebuilt in 1345; 

destroyed by flood waters that did arrive  . . .

The Late Middle Ages was quite a time;

for plagues, unrest, and many a war crime . . .

Survived it has, into the Modern Era;

far surpassing an ephemera . . .

They've kept track of bridge building since 966;

but this one leaves scholars a bit transfixed . . .

They're not quite sure whose masterpiece,

the Ponte Vecchio is quite a mystery . . .

It's possible the Dominican friars,

created a system of defense that still inspires . . .


Be thankful to Ferdinand I, who in 1593,

for the well-being of all did decree . . .

The shops and markets near the bridge,

be silver and goldsmiths along that stone ridge.

This wonder must be guarded from above;

the only bridge across the Arno, all must love . . .

For it is the only bridge not destroyed;

when German soldiers once occupied . . .

Should you get a case of wanderlust;

then travel to Florence, you truly must . . .

Visit the Ponte Vecchio and remember it well;

a rich history is the story it tells.

Ponte Vecchio Framed.jpg

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Click image to visit Ponte Vecchio website.


Le Celle

Limited edition giclée on paper

issued in 2010

In 1211 it was built;

amidst the stone and rocken quilt . . .

St. Francis of Assisi saw the truth,

of a spiritual path, a fountain of youth . . .

It was the first convent he established;

and lived within; it is published . . .

He remained there throughout the years;

even after the stigmata first appeared . . .

Perched among caves in nature serene;

of Monte Sant'Egidio, a lovely scene . . .

A panoramic view of what God did make;

inspires one to behold and intake . . .

A place that has been home to many a saint;

as well as friars of monestaries of faith . . .

Be certain to visit this holy place;

when visiting Cortona, of Italian grace.

Le Celle Framed.jpg

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Le Celle Francescano di Cortona.jpg

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The Church of St. Nicholas

Limited edition

issued in 2002

Built in the 15th century,

a plain little church has much to see . . .

Don't let the simple design deceive,

for within are two masterpieces . . .

The artist was Luca Signorelli;

he was born in Tuscany . . .

A Baroque interior graces this church;

well worth it for those who seek and search . . .

A Madonna with child is one painting;

two saints surround One who will be reigning . . .

Upon the main altar c'est magnifique!;

Christ with angels the centerpiece.

Church of St Nicholas Framed.jpg

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Click image to visit The Church of St. Nicholas website.



Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute

Limited edition

issued in 2019

The first attack was in 1347;

and many times after,

so they looked up to heaven . . .

For the Black Death came to the door,

of this place and shook it to the core . . .

Three fifths of the population here were lost;

to this city, a terrible cost . . .

In 1630 it came again;

taking one third of those within . . .

So to the Virgin Mary they prayed;

for safety against this terrible plague . . .

They promised a magnificent church;

to be built for Her, from which to perch . . .

In 1631 its construction began;

under the blessed eye of Baldassarre Longhena,

quite a man. . .

for it is She who defeated that horrid torment;

and lifted the people from their lament . . .

Magnificent it was to be;

shimmering white for all to see . . .

And quite an architectural achievement;

detailing the intricate arrangement . . .


Of jewels and carvings one would perceive;

when gazing upon royalty . . .

Round, symbolic of the Virgin Mary,

and like an inverted chalice of piety . . .

To Her these souls remain,

blessed by health to this very day . . .

to Her they pay lasting tribute;

and refer to this church simply as Salute!


Basilica Santa Maria Framed.jpg

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Click image for history of the blessed 

Basilica of Santa Maria Della Salute.


Rialto Remembered

Limited edition

issued in 2019

The Ponte di Rialto has some age;

for it is the oldest bridge to set the stage . . .

Venice became a hub of trade;

where merchants' fortunes were made . . .

First built in 1181 by Nicolo Barattieri,

give him credit for his creativity . . .

It began as a dry bridge of pontoons;

however, that changed as the area booned . . .

Then in 1255, as the popularity increased,

wooden plank ramps tied west to east . . .

The center had an interesting feature;

it was raised as ships passed 'neath

to adventure . . .

Bajamonte Tiepolo led a revolt,

in 1310, and it was burnt . . .

It collapsed in 1444 and 1524,

when the crowd's weight shook it's very core . . .

Antonia da Ponte created the design

of the stone bridge completed in 1591 . . .

There it stands to this very day;

across the Grand Canal, a marvelous archway. 

Rialto Remembered Framed.jpg

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Rialto venice-2085864_1280.jpg

Click image for history of the Rialto Bridge.


Treasure of Venice

Limited edition

issued in 2019

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy;

in the Veneto region above Tuscany . . .

It's known for canals and gondoliers;

boats line the many peers . . .

Architecture to amaze the soul,

Venice is a sight to behold . . .

The name is derived from the people called Veneti;

dating back to the 10th century . . .

It has ever been a powerful place,

that maritime merchants continue to grace . . .

The staging area of the Crusades,

during that time of the Middle Age . . .


One hundred eighteen islands make up,

this coastal paradise of Europe . . .

Wonder and charm are sure to peak,

the imagination of all to seek.

Treasure of Venice Framed.jpg

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Click image for history of the Venice, Italy.

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