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USO, Korea and Stan the Man

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the USO, Korea, and Stan the Man

He was only 7 years old, when David won a USO contest, while his father was stationed in Korea.

His prize? Not only did he have lunch with Stan Musial, but David also received a signed baseball and a Cardinal’s cap. Stan, the man, even signed David’s bat and glove.

These items are featured in a Memory Shadowbox that I recently created for Barbara and David. We also included a Stan Musial baseball card in the shadowbox.

But the story continues

David’s mother sent the newspaper article about the event to David’s father, who, at the time, was stationed in Korea.

He carried that newspaper article with him in his wallet the entire time he was overseas.

One day while on leave, David’s father passed a Japanese artist and showed the newspaper article with photo to the artist. The artist then painted a picture - onto silk - of the photograph as it appeared in the newspaper article. After the war, Dad brought it home and it has been in the family since. You may be wondering - what ever happened to the article?

It’s encased in a clear envelope and is attached to the back of the framed picture, still visible to anyone who wants to read it.

This family portrait was also painted on silk by an artist, while David’s father was in Japan. It features his mother, father and sisters.

These fond memories hang proudly in the office/ computer area of their home to be talked about with friends and other family members. Do you see why I love what I do?

If you would like to have something featured in the “archives” section of The Art Loft Gallery’s website that I framed for you, just email a picture of the item along with the story, and I will be certain that it gets featured on the website. Email me:

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