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faces in a crowd ...

oh, give me a home ...

where the buffalo roam ...

just where do buffalo roam?

That’s an easy answer… at The Art Loft Gallery, just last week. Two of them. You may have seen them. They wandered upstairs and downstairs - all around the gallery because that’s what buffalo do. Just roam - hither, thither and yon. I have the pix to prove it.

These fellows belong to Sarah. This photo shows a pencil drawing created by her dad “Pug” in 1976. It is a beautiful piece - very detailed. Sarah chose very interesting matting and framing. The outer mat is a variegation of browns and oranges, with just a hint of gold. The inner mat, though it appears to be somewhat grey, is actually a deep, muddy green. The frame is new. I’ve only had it in the gallery for a couple of weeks, and just placed it on the wall. It has what appears to be a hand-rubbed finish with shades of ebony and expresso; the inner lip is silver. The shading of the wood works perfectly with the shades of grey created with Pug’s penciled lines. It’s really great.

hold on to your hat ...

for this one is quite different. The photos show a very colorful buffalo. Actually, he was first seen by Sarah when she and her friends vacayed in Deep Ellum, Texas, an artist and entertainment community near downtown Old East Dallas. The district prides itself on being a little bit NOLA - little bit southern SoHo; but back to the photos - look very carefully at this guy’s face, and what do you see? color doesn’t count. Look carefully…

If your answer is faces in a crowd, you are correct. But, Sarah, I need your help. I was so captivated by the artwork, I totally forgot to take a photo of the final framing.

Will you please take a photo and email it to me? I will then post the

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