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4. Logan probably adapted the idea from earlier events in the South.

Even before the war ended, women’s groups across much of the South were gathering informally to decorate the graves of Confederate dead. In April 1886, the Ladies Memorial Association of Columbus, Georgia resolved to commemorate the fallen once a year—a decision that seems to have influenced John Logan to follow suit, according to his own wife. However, southern commemorations were rarely held on one standard day, with observations differing by state and spread out across much of the spring and early summer. It’s a tradition that continues today: Nine southern states officially recognize a Confederate Memorial Day, with events held on Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ birthday, the day on which General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was killed, or to commemorate other symbolic events.

"Civil War Mansion"

Civil War Mansion features the Oliver Anderson House, Lexington, Missouri, which was built in 1853 by successful hemp and cotton manufacturer Oliver Anderson of Nicholasville, Kentucky. The dwelling is a fine example of the large mansion houses that prosperous, slave-holding Southerners were building in Missouri in the 1840's and 1850's. As a prominent Southern citizen, it is likely that Anderson was arrested when the Federal troops occupied Lexington in July 1861. During the Battle of Lexington, September 18-20, 1861, extensive damage was caused to both the interior and exterior of the Anderson House from rifle and cannon shot. The home is now maintained by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as part of the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site.


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