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St. Louis

The tradition continues under The Gateway Arch . . .

Sliding and gliding across the glassy ice,
spinning and twirling is oh so nice;
Why is Winterfest and skating so special to us?
Perhaps there's a link to P Buckley Moss ~

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Celebrating Winterfest in St. Louis

Everyone is having such fun!  In an article published in St. Louis Today celebrating open day of Winterfest Ice Rink on November 17 the photos are alive with the magical wonderment of children of all ages as they skate under our Gateway Arch at Kiener Plaza. 

The following is an excerpt from the article.

Click the photo below to read the entire article.

Kiener Plaza Ice Rink.jpeg

Photo Credit ~ Johanna Huckeba * Post-Dispatch



Marvin, Wright, Jr., (right) high-fives his son, Marvin III as the boy ice skates for the first time Saturday on opening day for the Winterfest Ice Rink downtown.  

St Louis framed 2.jpg

He was known far and wide,

for being a mighty athlete with quite a stride; 

He was skilled in wrestling and boxing it's true,

and also known for being quite a swimmer, too.

But the statue declares his claim to fame,

for being a runner was his game.

It was 1904 and the World's Fair was in full swing;

and the summer Olympics was also happening. 


He represented the Missouri Athletic Club in several events;

not one but three, he'd never relent.

The half mile, high hurdles and low ones, too;

he's honored to this day with fountains of blue.

Harry J Kiener.JPG

Read more about Harry J. Kiener and the Missouri Athletic Club by clicking the image above. Thanks to the M.A.C. for the linked article and great history lesson.


"St. Louis"  is our city by the river . . .

Steamboats and barges chugged right along~

as wagon trains carried settlers west in those days now long gone.

Do you know of the historic past?

The day Harry J. Kiener entered our world at last ~

It happened on a wintry February morn, that 27th day in 1881.

City Skaters Framed.jpg

"City Skaters" pays homage in its own special way;

for the past we glimpse in that horse and sleigh.

And there's Harry's statute set center stage,

as skaters recall that Victorian age.

1904 Collection-1_edited.jpg

Want to see some of the souvenirs Harry may have seen at the fair?  Click the image above to visit our 1904 World's Fair page or better yet, stop in to see and experience them in person and own a piece of history!

Meet Me At the Fair.jpg

Click image for information.

"Meet Me at the Fair" ~

commemorates 100 years since

the 1904 World's Fair opening date;

On April 30th it began;

'til December 1st, when wintry

snows filled the land;

T'was the place for all to be,

and celebrate our history;

We owe so much to that wondrous fair,

where the first scents of hot dogs and hamburgers filled the air;

Don't forget cotton candy was spun,

and ice cream was scooped into

waffle cones just for fun!

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