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American Freedom

Giclée on paper

issued in 2004

His eyes pierce right through to

your heart and soul,

Majestic and noble,

he's on patrol . . .

Watching from weathered

skies above,

soaring o'er this 

land he eternally will love . . .

Symbolic of strength, courage

and freedom e'er more,

This eagle protects

from shore to shore . . .

He won his place to

represent us,

by the Second Continental 

Congress . . .

For they knew his immortal spirit,

would forever guide us 

with heavenly merit.

American Freedo w ornaments.jpg

Click image for unframed print details.

It's as simple as black and white. The feeling that came over me in framing this piece would be like having the honor of framing the original U.S. Constitution. The gaze of this eagle moves your patriotic heart and soul . . .

The framing process begins the same each time. I look deeply into what I would define as the soul of a piece and allow it to speak to me. Who would ever think a pencil sketch print could be so captivating and alive with a story? Those piercing eyes speak the history of our great nation and the remarkable strength, perseverance, and courage it took to be free. It gives me goosebumps every time I look at it.

American Freedom Framed by The Art Loft Gallery LTD.jpg

Close-up of mat detail.

I wanted to pick up on the intricate shades of grey graphite in the pencils used to create this piece, and give it a strong 3D effect to focus on those amazing eyes and the attitude of the eagle.

The most inner mat is a textured light graphite mat with a black core to further frame and direct the eye to meet his eyes as well as enclose the branches of the tree that surrounds the eagle and extend to heaven.


The next mat is a like-textured dark ash charcoal with a white core to enhance the darker charcoal feather texture and deep shadows of the neo-classical Greek and Roman architecture in the capitol building. 

The third and outer fourth mats are a softer hue named "pigeon." Isn't it amazing that the pigeon is symbolic of being harbingers of peace, faith, and fidelity? They can guide souls safely into the hereafter and carry messages between the realms. What a wonderful aura to encircle our noble eagle.

I did a special designers cut of the lower edge of the first three mats to bring attention to the title of the piece and symbolism represented, "American Freedom."

By using the various accents of the mats, colors and textures, I was able to create a five mat look with four acid free mats. The cut of the outer mat completes the classic look.

American Freedom Framed by The Art Loft Gallery LTD.jpg

Close-up of designer cut and frame.

American Freedom closeup of PBM.jpg

I chose a frame inspired by the iconic Hudson River School of Classic American Painters. This frame offers high-end detailing with its classic frame design of the scoop and reverse scoop profile.  It features softer tones in the black and gold finish. The gold rivet inner edge give it a traditional and historical feel.

Of course, this one is very special indeed because it has P Buckley Moss signature on glass so it truly is blessed by her personal touch.

P Buckley Moss gold signature on glass.

Once again, I was surprised by the emotions a piece of art can stir in one's soul. It was such an honor to frame it and capture the magnificence Pat created. 

The framed size is approximately

13 inches x 15-1/2 inches

print #507 of 1,000 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $380

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