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Custom Framed

Looking for something custom framed and ready to enjoy at home?  The following pieces are offered for your consideration:

art by

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featured in the gallery

A professional photographer I am not, the following photographs are of the actual framed pieces. 

Mat, frame, and print colors may not be true to the real piece photographed due to the lighting in the gallery, conservation glass reflection, and camera flash. Please stop in to see these beauties in person! 

Frosty Family Cabin

Giclée on paper

issued in 2014

The warmth of a wintry scene,

a family welcome of snowy sheen . . .

Smoke from the chimney swirls,

across the sky, it unfurls . . .

A well-worn path leads us to,

a beckoning door of a homey yoo-hoo . . . 

They welcome you to join them now,

pointing the way with frosty bough.

Frosty Family Cabin Framed by Art Loft Gallery LTD.jpg

~ Jeanne Gore

Click image for print details.

The exuberance of joy brings a smile, for winter lasts for just a while. Every picture has a special meaning, sometimes hidden in snowbanks and looming furls of smoke. Let's take a closer look . . .

Isn't it amazing how, although winter is cold and dormant, this scene simply warms your heart to the core. Take a deep breath. Smell the fire embers burning in the fireplace within. The snow-capped chimney puffs a swirl of smoke and touches the rainbow colors of light greens, pinks and lavenders that swoosh across the heavens. Shall we continue? Yes, indeed . . .


Crunch, crunch, crunch. The snow is deep beneath our feet. It took a while to get so close in this blizzard. Oh look! Who is that? It's smiling snow people. Do you hear them? They call out, "Welcome! Come on in. It's warm here." Their snow-laden branch arms show the way.  Shall we? Sure, come on. Let's follow and see what's going on here. The frosty family looks so warm and happy. No wonder, each is wearing a hand-knitted cap with fuzzy tassel balls. 


Gee, I wonder why the path is so deep? Wait a moment . . . let's pause . . . and listen. Do you hear that? Yes! Yes, that's laughter. Our cabin is filled with family and friends. Oh my, they are telling stories. Did you catch a whiff of roasting marshmallows and hot cocoa in the air? A warm home made of hand hewn logs with the passionate calling of a red door to enter the heart of this winter wonderland of joy.  Let's go inside and join them.

Yes, all of that went through my mind as I contemplated the framing on this frosty family. How to make it explode with joy and the warmth expressed in the print?

Frosty Family Cabin mat detail.jpg

I began with an inner mat of blue spruce green mat with a white beveled edge. Then I rounded the corners to mimic the roundness of the snowmen and bring out the white negative space of snow in the print. 

Next, the middle mat needed to be lighter to bring out and enhance the darker blue spruce green as well as pick up on the shadows of the snowbanks, so sage was a perfect choice. That mat also has a rounded edge to continue with our snowman shape suggestion.

I chose to repeat the blue spruce green by using it as the outer mat. but I wanted more. This is a fun print and filled with joy and happiness.

Close-up of mat and frame detail.

The perfect choice was to make a designer cut that followed the roofline with a little extra pizzazz at each corner. The white beveled edge adds more 3D perspective and brings the eye to the focus of the whimsical scene.


Last, and definitely not least, a walnut frame combines a classic, yet contemporary design with an antique foil finish The interior edge of this frame has an antique silver finish which contrasts beautifully with the spruce green mat. it not only picks up the warmth of the log cabin, but also the silvery gray haze of the sky and snowdrifts to complete a traditional, homey feel.  

We can always count on P Buckley Moss to create magic and whimsy as she has with her snowman family in "Frosty Family Cabin" and give us the added gift of the joy and warmth of a  family enjoying the wintertime. 

The framed size is approximately

12 inches x 10 inches

print #58 of 500 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $230

Portal of Peace

Giclée on paper

issued in 2009

Enter now a place of calm,

just beyond the still of the pond . . .

A barren tree invites you in,

come walk the banks of perfect zen . . .

Leave your troubles far behind,

enter this portal and free your mind.

~ Jeanne Gore

Shhh . . . listen, hear that? Twig fingers tap gently upon the glass from the other side of the window. "Come closer," beckons the tree. Mocha branches reach out from a hushed world through the portal to us. An invitation is extended for us to enter, explore, and find respite in this place. Stop to feel  the warmth of our wood-spirit host. Look closely. It not only touches heaven above, but also escapes our earthly boundaries and beyond to eternity.


Come join me on this journey . . .

portal of peace.jpg

Click image for print details.

I decided to do a designer cut of the mats to create a kind of keyhole entry to peek into this scene for our exploration. This type of mat cut follows the curvature of the oval and sets a strong, straight side boundary so your eye will focus on the story within. It allows us to see that the tree is not only rooted within the oval but also extends out to us, to show us the way. Everything about this framing brings you into the world within. 

Pat begins with an oval. Seems simple doesn't it? Consider this. The word oval is derived from the Latin word, "ovum" which means egg, symbolic of life and fertility. She set the stage for a remarkable work of art. Now, let's dig deeper to see the meaning here. We are looking at a scene bearing the foundation of life (earth), rebirth (within an oval egg shape), and extends to immortality (the tree points to heavens and beyond).  

The deep brown inner mat compliments both the rich browns of the trees as well as the deep oxide red of the barn, the lifeblood. We see the barn, but we are not overwhelmed by its presence. It's almost like a whisper in the background. Notice that it has a welcoming porch and a silo. This barn is not only a home for the animals that give life to the farm, but also a storehouse for the harvest that provides sustenance for the inhabitants. This shelter has character. It is solid and strong behind the scenes, a foundation for all the life there and life to come. 

The middle mat is a deep blue with a white core to deepen the 3-D effect and bring out the blues of the sky and pond. Choosing the dark color for this middle mat also brings into focus the black roof on the barn and its reflection in the stillness of the pond. A roof symbolizes personal care and shelter. It emphasizes the completeness of having a roof over one's head and protection from the elements. Its reflection into the pond reminds us to reflect on life and the life experiences of the past season.

The outer mat is off white with a leather texture. The leathery feel accents the warm earthiness and peacefulness of the scene. Notice the sky has a touch of this same warm tone as the earth below. It is a late autumn sky, that dusky deep blue with a haziness of the warm earth. The field has been harvested. The activity of summer is now past. The harvest season has ended; but winter has not yet begun, therefore it is a time of reflection. We prepare for the quiet hush of the winter to come and take in the quiet that is settling upon the land.


The white core of the mats not only creates a striking 3-D effect, but also adds a subtle illumination to the slight lines the white birch trees located mid-ground of the scene. Birches are symbolic of new beginnings and hope, new dawns and promises to come. They carry wisdom, yet appear forever young in the ancient cycle of life. 

The final touch, a burled walnut frame edged in black. There is even symbolism here. A tree that is stressed by the harrows of life, burls. It is a treasure of a find and highly prized. Think about it. The shrouded stresses of life are usually hidden within the tree. Often they show themselves as a knotted mass.  It is the same that happens throughout life and has happened in the life that brings us to this scene. It is not discovered until the harvest, the intricate beauty within. That beauty is finally revealed by the fine craftsman who brings it to full light. The black edge of the frame brings everything full circle.  

Portal of peace secton.jpg

Leave it to P Buckley Moss to begin with a simple oval and turn it into a masterpiece of symbolism. I hope you enjoyed this journey into the depths of our "Portal of Peace" and find respite and comfort here.

The framed size is approximately

14-1/4 inches x 17-1/4 inches

print #89  of 500 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $325

Promise of Spring

Giclée on paper

issued in 2016

The cardinal remains through winter cold,

dressed in crimson red so bold . . .

He's a blessed one, that he is;

for he is found among buds of bliss . . .

Over his shoulder his gaze is strong;

yes, he is a mighty one.

~ Jeanne Gore

Cardinals have stirred the soul of mankind in so many ways; and this one fulfills his mission.

Here he is nestled among the budding blossoms of dogwood. What a statement he makes, boldly sitting within delicate petals. The scene is rich in symbolism.

Promise of Spring.jpg

Click image for print details.

Immediately, the cardinal in all his splendor, catches your eye. His is a fiery spirit of passion whose magnificent feathers and wings carry him to heights that an earthbound human cannot reach alone. Since ancient times the cardinal has been symbolic of love, devotion, and divinity. Many believe the cardinal is the spiritual connection and blessing of a visit from a departed loved one.

The dogwood tree has become symbolic of rebirth, resurrection, and life. In addition, for Christians, the white petals symbolize purity, while the rusty, blood-red color in the center, the Crucifixion of Jesus. Each petal is in the shape of a cross.

The Legend of the Dogwood Tree


In Jesus time, the dogwood grew
To a stately size and a lovely hue.
'Twas strong & firm its branches interwoven
For the cross of Christ its timbers were chosen.

Seeing the distress at this use of their wood
Christ made a promise which still holds good:
"Never again shall the dogwood grow
Large enough to be used so.

Slender & twisted, it shall be

With blossoms like the cross for all to see.
As blood stains the petals marked in brown
The blossom's center wears a thorny crown.

All who see it will remember me
Crucified on a cross from the dogwood tree.
Cherished and protected this tree shall be

A reminder to all of my agony."

In this framing we utilized the white surround of the print's paper to not only encase the scene, but also to bring our attention to the delicate dogwood blossoms. Pat is a true master of her craft. Here she creates the petals of the dogwood with negative white space.  With her brush dipped in black, she expertly paints fine line details of each petal. She has turned each flower into an open-armed welcome. Come closer. Yes, come see everything happening here.

The black core of the deep red inner mat creates a wonderful 3-D effect and brings our eye back to our central figure, the cardinal. Notice his focus as he gazes intently over his shoulder towards the west, his future. He is perched solidly on a black branch bursting with twigs of new life. This fellow is strong and filled with faith.


The light beige outer mat with a white core brings us full circle and adds stability and peace. It compliments and enhances the soft, hazy and muted background of spring colors.  Mauves, blues, dusty pinks, beige, and earth tones create a perfect back drop here. Although the scene is busy and bustling with new life, we are allowed to observe with calm anticipation and wonder. 

Take a look through our window pane, a frame of black wood. Does the cardinal know you are there? Perhaps he's calling to you to follow him; for he knows the way. He knows his future is filled with hope, life, passion, and a purpose.  Take in the delicate beauty of the dogwood and experience the emotion and spirit captured by Pat.  "Promise of Spring" is a declaration. Life is glorious!

The framed size is approximately

8-1/2 inches x 11 inches

print # 318 of 500 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $150


Rare Print

issued in 2004

In the hushed silence of winter

the hope of spring begins to dawn.

A classic P Buckley Moss winterscape that stirs the soul.

Our immediate focus is on a majestic tree. Although it is winter-barren, it is filled with the activity of life extending from its core of strength. Notice the muted glow still far away like the pulse of a beacon of life emanating in the background. Do you feel and hear the ba-boom . . . ba-boom of a slowed heartbeat? 

Behind the tree stands the tangled brush of life, silent.  It  is almost like a great symphony of woodland musicians frozen in time as they await the awakening of the maestro of the land.

Silence Framed.jpg

Click image for print details.

Sometimes a print's image lends itself to help create the 3-D effect that makes it come alive. Here the ground cover of snow extends around the entire image by utilizing the white self of the paper surrounding the image. Focus momentarily on the reflection of the water in the pond. Brrrr, do you feel the winter chill as you gaze outside through the portal of the framing? 

We chose the deep steel blue green mat with a white inner core to accent the purity of the snow and compliment the many shades of blues and hazy greys throughout the scene forming sky, horizon, shadows, and water.  Pat's signature and title of the piece adds to the complexities of a snow bank. 

The white core of the dove grey outer mat has a bit of a speckle which not only adds to the dimension of the framed creation, it extends the shadow of the snow bringing it closer to us. Even the writing of the prose takes on the similarity of twigs upon snow. 

A plain black frame is chosen to complete our portal to the pure and simple beauty of the scene. It acts as the final touch for a completed thought, almost like a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. If you quiet yourself and listen intently, you may even hear the "Silence" of winter and feel the stirring of life beneath the snow.

The framed size is approximately

9-3/4 inches x 11-1/2 inches

print # 331 of 1,000 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $165

Regular Edition Rare Print 



Special Note: Regular Editions are no longer available of "Silence"

however, Artisit Proofs may still be avaiable. 

St. Louis

Limited edition giclée on canvas

issued in 2009

From the east we look to the west;

Where pioneers and explorers faced the test . . .

The St. Louis spirit spread across the land;

For the history here is rich and grand . . .

Paddlewheels slapped the mighty Mississip,

Those classic boats traveled at quite a clip . . .

The Old Courthouse took center stage;

Where the Dred Scott cases turned an historic page . . .

That silvery gateway frames Ole Glory;

For passing through created America's story . . .

It seems so right; can't be wrong;

Our Midwest heartland is ever strong.

St Louis in Gold.jpg

~ Jeanne Gore

Click image for print details.

Sometimes canvas is the right medium, especially for such an historic scene depicting the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, Missouri.  Step back to the mid-1800s with me and peer across the mighty Mississippi in this collage where past meets present, and projects to the future of a nation.

We stand upon the riverbank in Illinois, the land of Lincoln, and see the future before our eyes. Gaze through the tree line and the unfolding story. The Mississip is known for being muddy; but here the murky waters are clear and reflective of the then future past. Can you hear the paddlewheel of the riverboat as it slaps the water and moves along its journeyed path?

The arch acts as a frame for the Ole Glory crown upon The Old Courthouse of St. Louis. Assuredly, President Lincoln was affected by the verdicts of the Dred Scott cases which helped rally sentiment for his Emancipation Proclamation, which inevitably overturned slavery.

Notice how the horizon has a golden glow, symbolic of love and compassion topped with a blue sky, symbolic of faith and freedom, the heart of for which our great nation was founded and stands true today and for the future to come.

Of course, when framing a canvas, no mat or glass is used; so we must choose a frame that brings the story of the art to life. Here we chose a frame with a warm and classic linen liner, similar to linens of the past. The liner is enhanced with a grey-wood fillet, which mimics the metal of the Arch almost giving it an emotional quality of calling to you to see what it beholds. The frame is antique silver with a carved design of olive branch leaves, symbolic of victory and peace. The antique tones and design give St. Louis an added richness and a feeling of warmth the people of the heartland are known for. 

The framed size is approximately

10-1/2 inches x 10-1/2 inches

print # 17 of 150 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $350

Original available ~ Contact Carolyn

Red Bud in Bloom

Limited edition issued in 2009

In an arbor of spring I see,

the rosy glow of the red bud tree . . .

Wisps of pink and mauve hue,

sparkle in the misty morning dew.

~ Jeanne Gore

At times it is the simplicity of a framing that brings out the pure beauty of Pat's creations; and such is the case for this print.

The red bud trees that dot this landscape of a newly dawning spring float delicately through the wooded branches and limbs across a dusky sky.


The inner mat we chose is a deep, dusty rose pink with a white inner core. Notice how this shade of pink compliments all the shades of pinks in the print.

Red Buds in Bloom.jpg

Click image for print details.

Pink is symbolic of tenderness, love, and the renewal of springtime life. Did you know the leaves of the red bud are somewhat heart-shaped as well? Red bud are truly a tree symbolic of love, passion, and life. Notice the shadow cast on the east side of the barn is an even deeper shade of pink and is complimented and cooled by the dark turquoise front face the barn. Turquoise is a calming color associated with a serene and grounding energy. Here it tames the hot pinks of life exploding around the barn in their joyful dance. The barn almost hovers above the still, crystal water of the pond and beneath a waning wintry sky above.

The outer mat is a misty blue green enhancing the gem like crystalline glimmer of the melting snow along the roadway. It also has a white core which enhances a 3-D effect without overpowering it, keeping us focused on the scene center stage. We can now put together the story of the scene.  The winter season has reached its dusky zenith calling in the bright life of spring via the budding red bud. The burst of energy from the blossoms warms the earth below in a welcoming gesture for all life to begin anew.


A simple black wooden frame has been chosen as the portal for us to see the magic of the Red Bud in Bloom.  For all who admire and love the onset of spring with eager anticipation, we can now enjoy the beautiful blossoms of spring all year long.

The framed size is approximately

8-1/2 inches x 11 inches

print # 50 of 250 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $175

Morning Reflections

Rare print issued in 2001

"Nature has not placed anything so

high that integrity cannot reach it."

                             ~ Author Unknown

A 3-D affect created by the white self surround of the print focuses the attention to this breathtaking snowscape. Although the trees are winter-bare, the limbs and twigs are abundant with life dancing across the morning sky. They are symbolic of an awakening from the dormancy of winter in preparation for an explosion of spring to come.


Feel the hush of snow as it whispers across the scene with the soft shadows in the foreground. The gold of sunrise sits softly across the horizon and creates a perfect backdrop for the gathering of trees center stage. Notice the glistening snow drift that shimmers in first light. 

Morning Reflections Framed by Art Loft.j
Sold Aug. 14, 2019

Click image for print details.

The black core of a blue grey inner mat enframes our window view and brings out the fine wispy lines of black  twigs of the trees, as well as the crystal blue water mirror that reflects the life frozen in time above. The buff suede outer mat further enhances the warmth and hush of a crisp winter morning.


The black wooden frame chosen has an intricate rib detail that helps bring everything together without overwhelming the purity of the scene.  Morning Reflections is a depiction of a perfect winter morning that embodies the warmth of a sunrise and sparkle of a crystalline lake and soul of the life within.

The framed size is approximately

11-1/8 inches x 12-3/4 inches

featuring removable easel for wall or shelf display

print # 805 of 1,000 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $175

Regular Edition Sold out - This is a rare print.

Unframed Artist Proof Edition ~ $140

Alone on a Slope Framed.jpg

Alone on a Slope

Limited Edition Giclée print issued in 2018

Peek through a portal of rough wood and tin

to see the yarn this creature will spin . . .

Nestled 'neath bold pinks and maroons,

a lone sheep has left its flockly commune . . .

It boasts wool of white with tufts of grey,

standing alone on a slope; but don't dismay . . .

Symbolic of innocence and purity, 

this fluffy fellow poses, for us to see.

As always, I select triple acid free mats to focus our attention to the figure of the sheep in the image. Once again Pat's expertise in utilizing negative space creates a perfect scene  surrounded by a wash of bold colors, toned-down with earthen hues. Don't you just want to touch and feel that fuzzy, woolly coat?

~ Jeanne Gore

Click image for print details.

The 3-D affect is created by utilizing the white self paper area of the giclée itself to frame around the bold maroon-pink sky background that lingers above the warm, earth tones of the ground. A touch of soothing green becomes the sheep's shadow adding a calm to the intensity of the deep jewel colors above.  The inner most mat is swirls of red to compliment the warm reds of the background. Did you know that maroons and pinks are symbolic of passion, courage, strength and warmth?  The middle mat is a black core gray picking up on the tufts of grays in the wool and bringing a richness to the scene. Lastly, the final boldness of the black outer mat defines and draws your attention to the ewe for further study and perspective. 


Notice the final feature that resembles the key elements of an old, tin barn surrounded by the distressed look, rough-hewn wood of the outer rim of the frame, a perfect home for this sheep.  This bears the question, are you looking out through the portal of an old barn window; or is this magnificent creature standing Alone on a Slope looking in to observe you?   

The framed size is approximately

8 inches x 10 inches

features back easel for shelf or wall display

print # 6 of 250 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $155

Unframed Regular Edition ~ $50

Casual Obeservers Framed by Art Loft.jpg

Click image for print details.

Casual Observers

Limited Edition Giclée print issued in 2018

A pair of Pat's classic geese stand center stage.  A delicate wisp of branches in the background point heavenward while  embracing the pair and granting a blessing for their life together. Their gaze is westward as they appear to casually observe what awaits their adventure and future together.

The triple acid free mats chosen focus our attention to the  image of the geese and create a 3-D affect. The print is boldly encompassed first in black  to focus our attention to the scene. Then the warmth of golden tan further brings out the colors of the geese.  The visual experience is completed with a black mat enhanced with a silver wood fillet creating a frame within a frame.  

The silver frame has a burnished rustic finish to compliment the legendary Moss goose as well as to meet the standards of the most impeccable taste to complete your home decor.

The framed size is approximately

11 inches x 18 1/2 inches

print # 6 of 250 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $310

Unframed Regular Edition ~ $65

Butterfly's Touch Framed.jpg

Butterfly's Touch

Limited Edition Giclée print issued in 2017

A delicate butterfly alights upon a cluster of colorful blossoms to bring an almost Victorian-elegance to tantalize the mind. The inner most mat has a black core to add not only an extra dimension to this piece, but also to accentuate the beauty of the sweeping fine strokes of the butterfly's wing as it pauses for a brief moment; while we observe. The black holds our attention as each stem holds the crown of colorful blossoms with grandeur.

The muted green of the middle mat creates a calm between the activity of the scene and the bold outer mat. It enhances and redirects the eye back to the fluttering wing of the butterfly and to the mauve and pink tones of the petals and muted background. Notice how the placement of the mat colors encourages you to move your eye around the scene to take in all the details as we would if observing a live butterfly visiting the blossoms in our own garden.  

The outer maroon mat compliments the variety of colors in each blossom with a boldness. Maroon is an intense and passionate color that represents confidence, creativity, love, courage, strength, and beauty. While the butterfly is symbolic of endurance, change, hope, and life. A bold statement of symbolism is being made here.

The entire scene is crowned and surrounded in an antique gold frame which has been chosen to complete and add an artistic exclamation point. Notice the intricate carving on the frame. Swirls of refinement match the swirls of the blossom stems. Tiny, delicate carving is reflective of the details of buds and stamens of flowers and completes a Victorian-like elegance and refinement to behold. This exquisite creation celebrates the color, beauty, and abundance of life and nature.

The framed size is approximately

10 inches x 9 1/4 inches

print #39 of 500 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $165

Unframed Regular Edition ~ $50

Art Loft Appalachian Autumn.jpg

Appalachian Autumn

Limited Edition Giclée print issued in 2013

This print celebrates the warm glow of autumn colors. Notice the deep red of the inner most mat with a black core. This picks up the fine black thread that runs throughout the entire image. 

The orange middle mat highlights the many fiery and vibrant shades of orange foliage, flowers, and terrain.  The muted beige outer mat enhances the subtle earth tones that swish across the blue sky and bring your eye down to follow the color movement of blues, white, and fall khaki rushing along the winding stream. What better way to stop your eye along this rapid current of the stream than with a stone ridge wall and bold orange leaves and flowers? Fall is an explosion of the last hurrah of life preparing for the winter sleep to come.

Notice how this special frame has an intricately carved antique gold and silver inner lip. It is softened by the blush of antique silver on a rustic and weathered-walnut outer dark wood frame. The silvery sheen brings out the silvers in the birch trees, flowers, sky, and stream. It is the perfect compliment to orchestrate the harmony of an autumn landscape that sings with the joy of life.

The framed size is approximately

15 inches x 26 1/2 inches

print #102 of 250 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $405

Unframed Regular Edition ~ $160

Royal Pair Framed.jpg

Royal Pair

Rare print issued in 1995

The image has been enhanced with four mats that compliment the colors used by the artist. A spacer has been added between the second and third mats to add depth. The spacer helps create the illusion of looking out a window to view the royal pair. A simple black frame with a rounded edge draws focus to the curvilinear shape of the heads of the geese and the branches of the secluded trees in the background.


The framed size is approximately 19 inches x 15 inches.

Price as Framed ~ $300

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