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Summer 2023-3

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow fast in movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer. "

~ F Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby

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Summer Is Upon Us

"In summer, the song sings itself." 

~ William Carlos Williams

The "Simple Beauty" 

of a blossom fair,

Graceful leaves oh

so debonair . . .

Simple Beauty Framed.jpg
Yellow Lily Framed0.jpg

"Yellow Lily" 

brings sunshine and

happiness to me;

Fresh new beginnings,


dear friendships

and loyalty . . .

"The Coneflower" 

is more than a

delicate splash of pink petals

in the summer sun;

Also known as Echinacea

to bring strength and 

healing to everyone  . . .

The Coneflower framed.jpg
Summer Day in the Valley  framed.jpg

"Summer Day in the Valley" 

fills my heart with

sweet memories;

Oh those little boys

hanging like apples

in the trees . . .

Known to arrive each

and every spring; 

Birdsong upon the air,

oh yes,

"Summer's Calling" . . .

Summer's Calling Framed.jpg
Constant Companion Framed.jpg

My "Constant Companion"

is a ball of white fluff;

Soft and cuddly

and made of the

sweetest stuff . . .

A "Loving Companion" 

with eyes of sky blue;

Beckons to me to

always be within that

piercing view . . .

Loving Companion Framed.jpg
Fanciful Frog Framed.jpg

This "Fanciful Frog" 

is like a party with sparklers;

Sure to give your lips

an upturned curvature . . .

Bound to My Heart framed.jpg

"Bound to My Heart" 

as geese on a wintry bank;

Symbolic as brave, true and

loyal with a bounty

due to teamwork, we

shall always give thanks  . . .

Cignet Watch framed.jpg

"Cignet Watch" 

these parents take their

jobs seriously;

Romantic and elegant,

filled with purity . . .

A "Picture Window" 

lets the sunshine in;

Cardinals have a wonderful view

of pots of flowers, a pup, and

black kittens, too . . .

Picture Window Framed.jpg
Reynolds Homestead framed.jpg

"Reynolds Homestead" 

where history and education

work hand in hand;

The Reynolds family home

and the beginning of

Virginia Tech make it grand . . .

The "Workhorse of the Bay" 

upon waves of seafoam;

Glistens upon waves

as it heads for home . . .

Workhorse of the Bay Framed.jpg
Catalpa Reynolds Homestead framed.jpg

The "Catalpa at Reynolds House" 

trunk twists round in an

embrace of life;

While branches and leaves

touch a pink-hued sky . . .

The Light Shines On framed.jpg

"The Light Shines On" 

is a New Point Lighthouse


Displaying a high

spirituality, there's

no dispute . . .

"Strike Up the Band" 

hear the music

bold and clear;

On a stage in the

round, a

jamboree of cheer . . .

"Ritter Park" 

is the Crown Jewel of parks;

Huntington, West Virginia is

the home of this gem,

home to walking trails, wildlife,

including many a lark . . .


sails glide across the sea;

Enjoy a boardwalk among

the shoreland reeds . . .

"Golden Petals" 

glitter with a priceless shine;

From a fuschia vase,

 uplifts the soul

and touches the divine.

Golden Petals.jpg

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