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Jeanne's Originals

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Beaded Sequin Ornaments 

Sparkling Stars

Designed for every occasion . . . From concept to completion, each star ornament is an original, handmade, artistic creation taking hours and hours to design and craft.

Look closely to see all of the intricate detail. Each unique and vibrant colored sequin is adorned with glass seed beads made by glass craftsmen from the Czech Republic.

Some designs feature hand-dyed novelty star buttons, sparkling crystal embellishments, and sprinkletz shapes. Yes! Your eyes do not deceive as there are as many as six (6) beads and sequins in the design build creating a most unique work of beaded sequin art!
Angel Stars Reindeer.jpg

Sparkling Stars

Oh, my STARS! . . . What can I possibly say? The stars are glistening tonight! Every one features an intricate center silver or gold embellished novelty button with a special design. Did I mention how they sparkle? Some sparkle like prisms of jewels as light dances around them, while others have a gold or silver POW of a sparkle. The overall size is approximately 4-1/2" x 4-1/2". Each side is different so it's like having two special pieces of art you can change for a different look for any occasion. If stars are considered the “building blocks of galaxies” then let the beautiful, dazzling stars created by Jeanne’s Originals fill your universe. You don't have to wait for nightfall to enjoy the twinkle as a single piece or in your own Milky Way cluster . . .

You Are My Shining Star

Star #1 

A Black Tie Affair


Star #1 front

Black, ivory, silver, and gold create an elegant star. The front features a silver star surrounded by iridescent black sequins and gunmetal Czech glass seed beads. The star fill is satin finished smoke gray and the entire star surround is embellished with iridescent black sequins. The back features glossy ivory moonlight sequins dotted with gunmetal Czech glass seed beads, silver pins, and a gold beams emanating from a gold star . Definitely a come to call for a black tie affair!

Star #1 back


Star #1 close-up

Black Side Both Sides.jpg

Star #2
Emerald City


Star #2 front

Silver star centers with a fancy Texas filigree design make Emerald City extra special. This star bursts with the symbolism of the emerald - resurrection and new life! The silver-lined Czech glass beads surround a magnificent design of energy with the inspiration, of harmony, balance, wisdom, and patience. 

Star #2 back


Star #2 close-up

Star #3
Passionate for Red


Star #3 front


Star #3 back

If you love red with a passion, but can't decide whether today you want to go with gold or silver, this is your star.  Red Czech glass seed beads adorn each side. One side has a gold fancy star while the other has a silver one. What makes this star more unique is the complement of silver pins with gold beads for a more subtle finish. This star sparkles like a fine garnet.

Star #3 close-up

Star #4
Clear Blue Sky

gold blue front.jpg

Star #4 front

It's as if this star fell from the clear blue sky and captured crystals of blue and gold along the way. A silvery star on one side has details of fine engraving, while the bold gold star on the golden opposite side has rays of blue beams to define the fine details of the star. 

Star #4 back


Star #4 close-up

Star #5


Star #5 front

This star comes from the outer edges of the universe where the magical colors of a nebula spark an array of lavender, pink, blue, and gold that glisten as it catches the light. The center of each side has a crystalline field of stars from across the galaxy. Yes, this one is truly galactic.

Star #5 back


Star #5 close-up

Star #6
In The Pink


Star #6 front

Softly blushing a hint of pink, symbolic of a nurturing kindness, love, good health, and playfulness is what this star sparkles with through and through. One side is bold with gold and the other side shimmers with silver. A perfect star for anyone who loves a little pink to brighten their day.

Star #6 back


Star #6 close-up

Star #7
Sage of Time


Star #7 front

A touch of sage, the wise men know, bring a calm and harmony for all to enjoy. The silver star centers have a hint of sage, too, with silver accents for elegance and a noble sophistication loved for all time.

Star #7 back


Star #7 close-up

Star #8
Western Star


Star #8 front

Like stepping back in time to the Old West, this star features bronze accents and golden reds on one side. The other side has an antique ivory shine with mosaic trim that catches every color of the light spectrum in each magical cut of nearly transparent golden brown sequins. 

Star #8 back


Star #8 close-up

Star #9
Green Amethyst


Star #9 front

Like the green amethyst gem it represents, this star is meant to attract great abundance and natural strength, energy, and health. Laced with gold that beams from the fancy engraved star, it's sure to be a true sparkling treasure.

Star #9 back


Star #9 close-up

Star #10
Southwestern Magic


Star #10 front

This star is as enchanted as the desert. Light pink with a silver star and bold green makes it dance in the light. The other side shines with emerald green and a special white sequin reflecting pinks, blues, purples and golds like a Southwestern sunset. 

Star #10 back


Star #10 close-up

Star #11
Rubies and Gold


Star #11 front

Golden reflections of a ruby red sequin and holographic gold make this star a royal creation. The gold stars are engraved with fancy scrolls and petals. One star is surrounded in pearl beads and the other star is surrounded in red Czech glass beads. This one is fit for a queen!

Star #11 back


Star #11 close-up

Star #12
Beams of Ultraviolet


Star #12 front

This magical creation features a glimmering ultraviolet colored sequin. Ultraviolet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now and this star surely shines through. Look closely at the special rainbow orchid Czech glass seed beads. Yes, each is slightly different with a touch of silver, gold, orchid, pinks, violets, greens - every spectrum of the cosmos. This star will take your spirit boldly where no other has before.

Star #12 back


Star #12 close-up

Star #13
Cranberry Frost


Star #13 front


Star #13 back

This beautiful creation is a deep mirror finish cranberry red on one side with the luster of winter frost on the other side. The center star has a sparkling gold star field featured in each side's center. Bronze Czech glass seed beads adorn the cranberry color while the edge surround boasts bronze, bronze crystal, and pearl white beads. This is a truly festive star to dazzle the senses.

Star #13 close-up

Star #14


Star #14 front

Since our new star collection began with a "Black Tie Affair" it seems only fitting to end with "Elegance." This star truly is elegant from beginning to end. One side features iridescent black sequins embellished with sphinx beads on one star point side and shimmering chrystal beads on the other. The black sequins are surrounded by an opal finished white sequin so every magnificent color the black sequin reflects is breathtaking. The rays glow with moonlight sequins while bicone chrystal beads adorn each star point. An opaque white sequin glints every color of the rainbow as the star catches the light. Silver balls surround this truly elegant creation to emphasize the silver smooth finished star in the center of each side. Study this one closely, for the beauty is in each intricate detail.

Star #14 back


Star #14 close-up


Star #14 close-up

Each star is like getting two stars because each side is different. 

Both sides of "Elegance"

"If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Starry Tree rev.jpg

Star ornaments prices start from $30 each and are sure to make you someone's shining star forever.

Stop in and choose the perfect sparkle for your special loved one's life - give a star that will shine forever!

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