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pickled pumpkin 

from the harvest barn . . .

to the market girl ~

It was serendipity for sure. I had no sooner seen the P Buckley Moss prints "Harvest Barn" and "Market Girl" when I received a recipe for, of all things, Pickled Pumpkin! Hope you enjoy it ~

Click image for larger image of recipe.

Market Girl 

Issued in 1992 
IS: 9-11/16 x 10-3/16 ins.

PS: 14-11/16 x 15-3/16 ins. 
Edition: 1,000 and 25 artist's proofs 

Artist Proof ~ $190

Regular Edition no longer available.

The Harvest Barn 

Issued in 2016 
Giclee on paper 
IS: 15 x 9 ins. 
Edition: 500 and 25 artist's proofs 


Regular Edition ~ $115

Artist Proof ~ $290

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