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Giclée on paper

issued in 2011

The creek of planks beneath my feet,

take me closer to the sea . . .

Dried grasses of a marshy plain,

as wind gusts to sails sing a sweet refrain.

Where sand meets the ocean tide,

it is here my heart will always reside . . .

My soul soars in that heavenly sky of blue,

yet I'm grounded by an earthen hue.

What majesty my eye perceives,

of God's creation amid the reeds . . .

I stay to ponder here a while,

my kingdom, this sandy isle.

Offshore framed by Art Loft Gallery LTD.jpg

Click image for unframed print details.

The grasses have come to a seaon's end; yet, this scene fills me with life!  Do you feel the freedom of the sail? Come with me now . . .

When I began framing this one, I didn't really give it much thought . . . until it all came together. That happens at times when I'm cobbling in my frame workshop because I get so focused on colors and frames, I don't see the magic until the finalé. This is one of those pieces.

Offshore Close up.jpg

Close-up of mat detail.

I began with an inner mat that has a linen colored base with random streaks of taupe barley wisps creating a wind-blown grain pattern. This mat not only matches the texture and color of the distant sails, but also extends the dried grasses beyond the actual print so they almost touch you. The white core edge adds just enough contrast for a subtle sense of depth into the scene.

The outer mat looks like shadows of sun-drenched earth with darker, taupe gray. It matches the darker shadow streaks of the grasses and grain of the wood plank board walk. This mat features a black core that not only adds one more layer of depth, but also picks up on the swag of black streaks in the rope barrier along the walkway stanchion.

The slight curve of a rounded edge designer cut creates a portal view for our focal point to gaze upon the print. It follows and compliments the elegant curves of the grasses and gives us a feel of movement into the full depth of the scene. The portal invites you to enter, set foot upon the boardwalk, and experience the beach and sea. Yes, go ahead and immerse yourself. Feel the gusts of wind brush your face. Listen. Do you hear the rustle of the grasses swaying on either side of you? Take a step. The plank boardwalk gives a bit with your each step. Listen more intently . . . yes, you can hear the wind buffing the sails out on the sea.

Rope angles.jpg
Offshore Frame Closeup.jpg

Right side close-up of frame detail.

The wooden frame completes the rustic look. I can imagine it could have been made from the boardwalk planks (but it wasn't).


See how the notches hold the rope in place? It's just like having a part of the rope guard rail right there to keep your focus on the scene.


Isn't it amazing how the rope angles on the right side match the angles of the right edge of the sails, and how the left rope angle matches the left edge of the sails? Also, the bottom rope edge aligns with the planks of the boardwalk. 

Left side close-up of frame detail.

Once in a while a piece will surprise me; and this one certainly did! When I begin, I focus on finding the right mat textures, colors, and perfect frame. Then I become intensely centered (quite literally for framing) on determining the perfect design cut and measuring everything, as well as making the cuts (because there is no room for error), that I become more at one with act of framing rather than finished product. It's all in the detail afterall.

It isn't until I put all the layers together that I really get the "big picture" so to speak. Well, this one truly amazed me. What at first seemed a nice little beach and sailboats print suddenly came alive! I felt the movement of the reeds and was grounded by the earth yet felt the wonderment of adventure with sails buffed by wind and calling . . . Look west! Look west! Sail to the horizon with us!


It's amazing how the wood and earth tones add a subtlty to a vibrant blue sky that dances with life. This print captures perfectly the journey and breath of life represented by sails in the wind while being grounded and doing everything to have a better tomorrow. Yes, the summer season is waning but the boats sail west toward a newly emerging season.  Once again P Buckley Moss has created magic to stir the soul with what appears at first glance to be a simple, little print. "Offshore"  sparks our spirit of life to feel the excitement of being alive.

The framed size is approximately

8 inches x 10 inches

print #83 of 250 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $180

Offshore on Display.jpg
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