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P. Buckley Moss



The images to the right are just a few of the limited edition prints Pat Moss has created for The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. over the past 30 years.

I am proud to say that 2015 marks my 30th year as a P. Buckley Moss dealer. And not only am I a Moss dealer, but in 1985 when I attended the first Moss Dealer’s Meeting, I promised Pat that I would put Collinsville on the map concerning the Moss art world.  Not only have I kept that promise, but The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. has become one of her largest dealers in the country with more than 50 framed images on the wall at all times. And if The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. does not have it, I will order it for you without hesitation.



The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. carries a full-line of Moss artwork and giftware including:


Original Watercolors • Limited Edition Prints • Posters • Ornaments • Jewelry • Plates • Figurines


Need it personalized for someone special or for a special occasion?  I will have Pat personalize it, at no extra cost to you.


Pat Moss has personally appeared for shows at The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. on at least 15 occasions. AND she is scheduled to do a show in late September/ early October, 2016 (mark your calendar). I can hardly wait. A special show print will be created for my Show With Pat.  I will share details as they develop.


If you have visited the gallery, you already know that I love to share the story within the artwork that Pat has created.  If you have not, then you will be in for a treat as I will talk about the iconography, the story within the story, on this site. You will not only find it interesting, but it will open a whole new perspective and give you a new appreciation of Pat Moss and her artwork.


What do I like most about being a Moss dealer? The friendship that I have developed with Pat over the years.  She is genuine, honest and inspirational - no pretenses - no hissy fits. What you see is what you get.


Join me on a journey that will give you insight into the world of P. Buckley Moss.



2015 Ornament

Porcelain ornaments, 3-5/16 ins. diameter

$42 each retail.





















To order the SIGNED 2015 Santa Ornament simply call Carolyn at 618.344.1212

or email me at before Sept. 30


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