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Jeanne's Originals

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Beaded Sequin Ornaments 

If I only had a special snowman,
who would hang around all year long . . .
I know I'd smile every day,
just thinking of our frosty play . . .


Each snowman ornament measures approximately 3-1/2" tall by 3" wide. The finest artist's brush dipped in vibrant paints are used to hand-paint fine details on the snowman.  A brushstroke here, a little glitz there, an adjustment of the scarf and hat and . . .

Voila! A personality is created and a character is born. Next, select premium sequins are chosen for the sky; and snow banks are sculpted in complimentary colors to create a winter scene. Special snowflakes and sparkles are added to give our little fellow a winter wonderland home. Welcome to a wintry paradise of sparkle and whimsy. 
Crystal Clear Snowman.png
Blue Snowman.png
Jade Green inset.png
Green Snowman.png
The back of each ornament is adorned with a fancy snowflake button . . .
Snowflake 2.jpg
Snowflake 3.jpg
Snowflake 1.jpg
Numerous sizes, shapes and colorful designed snowflakes are used to create the winter wonderland where each little snow fellow happily resides. 

Did you notice the banks of drifted snow?

They have been designed using many hues of color, in a wide variety of sizes and
Copper Snowman.jpg
 finishes to create a 3-D effect with depth of sparkling magic
Not only can these little fellows be hung from a tree branch or in a window by the chord and fancy, ornate hanger top, but look closer. Yes, each has a unique, hand-painted, laser-cut snowflake base with a felt protection pad to protect any shelf, mantle, or table in your décor display.
Bottom 2.jpg
Bottom 1.jpg
Bottom 3.jpg
Each figure is tagged with the year it was created as well as a Jeanne's Original tag and Made with Love charm . . .
Tag 2.jpg
Jeanne's Originals began the Snowman Ornament tradition in 2021. A limited few of the 2021 creations are still available at The Art Loft Gallery, LTD.  


Med Blue Sky Snowman.jpg
Designed for every occasion . . . From concept to completion, each ornament is an original, handmade, artistic creation taking hours and hours to design and craft.

Look closely to see all of the intricate detail. Each unique and vibrant colored sequin is adorned with glass seed beads made by glass craftsmen from the Czech Republic.

Some designs feature hand-dyed novelty buttons, sparkling crystal embellishments, and fun clay sprinkltez shapes. Yes! Your eyes do not deceive as there are as many as six (6) beads and sequins in the design build creating a most unique work of art!
Be sure to add a new original snowman each year for your own special collection or to or to give as a thoughtful, unique gift!  Need a special one? Contact Carolyn!

Snowmen ornaments are priced beginning at $15 each.  Stop in to see availability. 

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