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Frosty Family Cabin

Custom framed by
The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd.

Frosty Family Cabin Snowman display.jpg

"Frosty Family Cabin" on display with Jeanne's Originals handmade snowman ornaments.

Frosty Family Cabin

Giclée on paper

issued in 2014

The warmth of a wintry scene,

a family welcome of snowy sheen . . .

Smoke from the chimney swirls,

across the sky, it unfurls . . .

A well-worn path leads us to,

a beckoning door of a homey yoo-hoo . . . 

They welcome you to join them now,

pointing the way with frosty bough.

Frosty Family Cabin Framed by Art Loft Gallery LTD.jpg

Click image for print details.

The exuberance of joy brings a smile, for winter lasts for just a while. Every picture has a special meaning, sometimes hidden in snowbanks and looming furls of smoke. Let's take a closer look . . .

Isn't it amazing how, although winter is cold and dormant, this scene simply warms your heart to the core. Take a deep breath. Smell the fire embers burning in the fireplace within. The snow-capped chimney puffs a swirl of smoke and touches the rainbow colors of light greens, pinks and lavenders that swoosh across the heavens. Shall we continue? Yes, indeed . . .


Crunch, crunch, crunch. The snow is deep beneath our feet. It took a while to get so close in this blizzard. Oh look! Who is that? It's smiling snow people. Do you hear them? They call out, "Welcome! Come on in. It's warm here." Their snow-laden branch arms show the way.  Shall we? Sure, come on. Let's follow and see what's going on here. The frosty family looks so warm and happy. No wonder, each is wearing a hand-knitted cap with fuzzy tassel balls. 


Gee, I wonder why the path is so deep? Wait a moment . . . let's pause . . . and listen. Do you hear that? Yes! Yes, that's laughter. Our cabin is filled with family and friends. Oh my, they are telling stories. Did you catch a whiff of roasting marshmallows and hot cocoa in the air? A warm home made of hand hewn logs with the passionate calling of a red door to enter the heart of this winter wonderland of joy.  Let's go inside and join them.

Yes, all of that went through my mind as I contemplated the framing on this frosty family. How to make it explode with joy and the warmth expressed in the print?

Frosty Family Cabin mat detail.jpg

I began with an inner mat of blue spruce green mat with a white beveled edge. Then I rounded the corners to mimic the roundness of the snowmen and bring out the white negative space of snow in the print. 

Next, the middle mat needed to be lighter to bring out and enhance the darker blue spruce green as well as pick up on the shadows of the snowbanks, so sage was a perfect choice. That mat also has a rounded edge to continue with our snowman shape suggestion.

I chose to repeat the blue spruce green by using it as the outer mat. but I wanted more. This is a fun print and filled with joy and happiness.

Close-up of mat and frame detail.

The perfect choice was to make a designer cut that followed the roofline with a little extra pizzazz at each corner. The white beveled edge adds more 3D perspective and brings the eye to the focus of the whimsical scene.


Last, and definitely not least, a walnut frame combines a classic, yet contemporary design with an antique foil finish The interior edge of this frame has an antique silver finish which contrasts beautifully with the spruce green mat. it not only picks up the warmth of the log cabin, but also the silvery gray haze of the sky and snowdrifts to complete a traditional, homey feel.  

We can always count on P Buckley Moss to create magic and whimsy as she has with her snowman family in "Frosty Family Cabin" and give us the added gift of the joy and warmth of a  family enjoying the wintertime. 

The framed size is approximately

12 inches x 10 inches

print #58 of 500 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $230

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