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Jeanne's Originals

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Beaded Sequin Ornaments 

Hanging Baskets and Pots of Flowers

Handmade one-of-a-kind hanging baskets and pots of flowers ornaments feature an array of flowers, leaves, and maybe even a butterfly . . . From concept to completion, each hanging basket ornament is an original, handmade, artistic creation taking hours and some even days to design and craft.

Look closely to see all of the intricate detail. Each unique and vibrant colored sequin is adorned with glass seed beads made by glass craftsmen from the Czech Republic.

Some designs feature hand-dyed novelty buttons, sparkling crystal embellishments, and fun clay sprinkltez shapes. Yes! Your eyes do not deceive as there are as many as six (6) beads and sequins in the design build creating a most unique work of art!

Hanging Gardens of Beaded Sequin Flowers

Hanging baskets of flowers are always a welcome sight. 

Hanging Basket #1

Red Basket Front.jpg

Basket #1 Front

Red Basket Top.jpg

Basket #1 Top with Leather Strap Hanger

Red Basket Back.jpg

Basket #1 Back

Red Baseket Bottom.jpg

Basket #1 Felt Bottom

This beautiful nest basket is filled with hundreds of flowers. Some shine like those in a moonlight garden with petite silvery petals, complimented by the bold red and dark blue petunia-like clusters that tumble out of the basket. Look closely and you'll see red and purple buds scattered about the deep dark green leaves and bright red trumpet flowers that add a dramatic flare. Overall measurements approximately 4" x 4" in diameter and 4" tall.

Basket #1 displayed on red 

red on table 2.jpg

Basket #1 displayed on a table

Hanging Basket #2

Basket 2 Front.jpg

Basket #2 Front

Basket 2 side.jpg

Basket #2 Top

Basket 2 Back.jpg

Basket #2 Back

Baskert 2 Base.jpg

Basket #2 Base

This is a wonderful nest basket that can be hung by the rustic twine rope hanger or displayed on a shelf or table because it has an intricately laser cut petal wooden base. Delicate white flowers cascade down one side ad do a blush of light and dark pink petals. Notice the tiny sweet white flowers falling from beneath a canopy of beautiful shiny cream colored large daisy-like beauties. It's sure to be highly treasured forever. Overall measurements approximately 3" x 3" in diameter and 4" tall.

Basket #2 displayed on a shelf

Basket 2 hanging.jpg

Basket #2 displayed on a branch

Hanging Basket #3

Cindys Garden front.jpg

Basket #3 Front

Cindys Garden back.jpg

Basket #3 Back

A special "terra cotta" sequin basket creation. This was created as a special gift for Cindy, hence, a personalized "Cindy's Garden" marker sign makes this one extra special, indeed. All we knew is that Cindy loves and has many pots of flowers and her favorite color is blue.

The pot is created from special satin copper sequins and matte red Czech Republic glass seed beads. Notice the upper lip of the pot protrudes like a real clay pot. Each sequin/bead build also has an additional brown sequin and a single 1/8" micro foam bead to give more dimension and depth to the creation. 

Clusters of cascading blue and blue embellished white flowers overflow and surround the bottom of the pot. Look closely around the blue flowers because there are double beaded flower buds, so this pot will be blooming forever.

A dash of complimentary colored orange and pink posies here and there as well as a few trumpet flowers and laser cut wooden leaves have "grown" around the sign. Uh, oh! A wooden butterfly is flying around the back of the sign. 

Yes, that leather strap allows this to be hung as an ornament in addition to being a perfect little shelf piece so Cindy can enjoy her garden all year long. Jeanne says this one was a true delight to create and loves creating a one-of-a-kind treasure for your special someone.

Hanging Basket #4

Pink basket Back.jpg

Basket #4 Front

Pink basket side.jpg

Basket #4 Back

Heartribbon basket.jpg
Pink Basket Bottom.jpg

Basket #4 Bottom

Basket #4 Top

This basket is a real sweetheart. Yes, look closely and see the clusters of pink flowers form a heart. The basket is made from woven satin ribbon and adorned with tiny flowers and leaves. It's made to be a hanging basket for an ornament display stand or tree sprig. Please notice that although this design is meant to hang, the bottom is finished and surrounded in decorative beading for a perfect finish. The overall dimensions are approximately 3" x 3" to add the perfect and delicate touch complete a small space.

Flower Pot #5


Flower Pot #5 Front


Flower Pot #5 Side


Flower Pot Back


Flower Pot #5 Bottom

Flower Pot #5 Top

A little terracotta pot filled with red, white, and blue. Just like a pot that's been around forever, this one has some marks of character. A delicate laser cut wood trellis has trumpet flowers on high in front, and fern leaves with small patriotic blossoms behind. 

Clusters of petite white blooms form a mound to the left while red, white and deep purple petunias mound to the right and surround the bottom of the pot, just like you'd see in an old-fashioned home garden. 

The pot and tumble of petunias are mounted on a wood base with a felt bottom to protect your favorite table. The overall size of this piece is approximately 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" in diameter and 4-1/2" tall.
Flower Tulip Divider.png
Our hanging basket garden blooms all year long. Stop in to select your favorite or have one made just for you!

Hanging basket ornaments are priced from $12 to $40 each.  

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