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Our Patriotic Home

Custom framed by
The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd.

Home of Brave btwn pillars.jpg

"Home of the Brave" a perfect patriotic tribute.

Home of the Brave framed by Art Loft Gallery, LTD.

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Home of the Brave

Giclée on paper

issued in 2014

Freedom is the heart and soul,

as our flag through time is unfurled . . .

Some battles won, some battles lost,

ultimate sacrifices the greatest cost . . .

Rooted deep in the rich history,

her souls' visions of glory . . .

Feel the thunder of the cannon booms,

smoke of victory in the mighty plumes . . .

A newborn country in its wisdom grew,

striving for rights via the red, white, and blue . . .

She stands with each flag's undaunted wave,

our hard fought, noble home of the brave.


This print is always an honor to frame. The waver of flags throughout our country's history moves the soul. Let's take a closer look and feel the exuberant patriotism of Pat's creative inspiration . . .

The symbolism and movement of this piece is simply amazing. Let's begin with the tree in the foreground. The dark smoothness of the bark shows it to be solid and strong. It's rooted deep within the earth and extends not only beyond the bottom of the print; but the branches extend far beyond the top and touch the heavens above. See how the trunk of the tree is of moderate size and not an enormous ancient one? It is well-established and still maturing and growing just like our country is. It is rooted on a battlefield standing solidly by a cannon. A cannon is symbolic of strength, power, and a warning to all that we will defend this land from shore to shore.

Next, let's explore the flags of our history. The colors are steeped in meaing: red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice for all. While the red and white stripes represent the original thirteen colonies, the stars not only represent the fifty states, but also are symbolic of a divine goal and unification on the heavenly blue background.  We are a country founded on Christian beliefs and character and tied to our connectivity to God.

"The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun."

~ Unknown

Home of the Brave mat detail Art Loft Gallery, LTD

Close-up of mat details

I continue to speak of the movement of this piece . . . it makes me feel like I'm moving through time, experiencing the history of our nation encapsulated into one divine statement.

Each flag waves and is majestically placed to tell the story of the past decades. The '76 flag is our beginning. Next we are taken to the time our country came literally to the crossroads of making a choice between freedom and liberty for all or splitting into two different nations with totally differing ideals. 

We see in the 'Bonnie Blue' or Lone Star flag in the center or heart of the scene, as well as at the bottom or foundation point of the scene. The Lone Star flag is symbolic of independence and purity as was used often in the early 19th century.

Fluttering back and forth from east to west is our 50 star flag. We are a complete and unified nation at our core. Yes, the edges may be torn and worn, yet we remain through the course of our history.

Let's take a closer look at the designer mat cuts I chose to emphasize the movement of the flags. There are two distinct corner cuts. The rounded cut mimics the curved flutter of a flag waving in the wind while the square cut emphasizes the edge and anchor points of a flag mounted on the flagstaff.

The inner mat is bordeaux red with a white core. The white adds a line of negative space to make the image stand out. It picks up the highlighted curvature of the cannon wheels and brings your focus back to the movement of the scene.

The middle mat is black core cadet blue. How appropriate a name? It perfectly picks up on the faded blues throughout the piece and the black adds a fine depth while it compliments the dark lines of the tree and flag definition lines.

The outer mat is a white core warm caramel beige to add the final 3D effect and match the earth tones in the image. Of course, I always use acid free mats and backing as well as conservation clear glazing for greatest protection.

Home of the Brave mat cuts Art Loft Gallery, LTD

Close-up of mat cut and details


Close-up of frame

Now for the finalé to complete my work. I chose a frame with a clean, classic design. When you look closely at the frame you'll  notice it has a complex antique foil distressed finish and is complimented with a handsome distressed silver lip. Just the right touch adding an historic look to this magnificent print.

When I gaze at "Home of the Brave" I feel like P Buckley Moss has engaged my senses to travel on a breathtaking journey through time to experience the wondrous history of our great country.

The framed size is approximately

16 inches x 11-1/8 inches

print #112 of 250 ltd. edition

Price as Framed ~ $345

Regular Edition Print ~ $75

Home of the Brave patriotic display.jpg

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