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Jeanne's Originals

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Beaded Sequin Ornaments 


Designed for every romantic occasion . . . From concept to completion, each heart ornament is an original, handmade, artistic creation taking hours and hours to design and craft.

Look closely to see all of the intricate detail. Each unique and vibrant colored sequin is adorned with glass seed beads made by glass craftsmen from the Czech Republic.

Some designs feature hand-dyed novelty buttons, sparkling crystal embellishments, and fun clay sprinkltez shapes. Yes! Your eyes do not deceive as there are as many as six (6) beads and sequins in the design build creating a most unique work of art!

Romantic Hearts of Love

Valentine tree.jpg
So many different types of hearts to choose from . . . They range in overall size from approximately 2-1/2" to 3-1/2". Some feature an intricate center cutout while others are solid with overlaid 3D frills. Whether you love an antique look or Victorian lace and floral details, or mini-heart candies, you're sure to find the perfect heart for your true love . . .

Valentine baroque.png

Heart #1

Pink cutout.png

Heart #2

Victorian Front.png

Heart #3 front

Victorian back.png

Heart #3 back


Heart #4

White Daisy heart.png

Heart #5

gold vine 2.png

Heart #6 front

gold vine.png

Heart #6 back

Old fashioned red heart with lace.png

Heart #7

Stop in to choose the perfect heart for yourself or to give as a thoughtful, unique gift to one you love!

Heart ornaments are priced from $12 to $22 each.  Stop in to choose your heart's desire.

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