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Appalachian Seasons 

spring, summer, autumn and winter . . .

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Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

Spring in Appalachia

Spring in Appalachia, a spectacular place to begin our symphony of the seasons as the wonder of life springs forth everywhere . . .  

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The Maestro ~

Tap, tap, tap . . . your attention please. Delicate branches, the arms of the birch, are uplifted in suspended animation like the baton of a maestro holding us in the breathless anticipation of the prelude to come.

The artist begins with a whisper of white in the paper white birch, a stable base of ancient wisdom extends toward a willowy top outreaching to God. The birch, a symbol of renewal, is our universal connection to all creation.

Our immediate focus is to the here and now of the soft music of emerging life awakening before us. The birch trees have just broken bloom in an airy display, the prelude to their full splendor soon to grace the scene.

Fluttering Flute ~

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Like musical notes in harmonious play, the flowers of spring carry the melody. The dogwood flowers, at the base of the scene, boldly emerge like the mellow timbre of a clarinet as if on cue. A pair of scarlet song birds light on a delicate branch like a musical fermata (pause) of the notes of a piccolo in their joyous love dance. Enter the notes of the fluttering fluted pinks and lavenders of a spring array of flowers. Join this joyous, light-hearted dance back and forth from golden rise to golden rise progressing upstream to the warm heart of the cabin nestled in a grove, the pines of eternal life.

Crescendo in Blue ~

Building like the crescendo of a symphony, this joyfully dramatic spring scene crests in the bold blue azure of heaven; and like the bright lilt of an oboe, we are carried into the next season, spring, where we connect with nature, heaven, hope, and life renewed.


A symphony of colors in perfect harmony as the celebration of new beginnings creates the wonderful melody in the art of a Spring in Appalachia.

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