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A Sunday Carriage Ride

I harnessed up Ole Nellie. . .

What, . . . you don't believe me?

Well, I drove a horse and carriage . . .


now back to my story.

Off we set, for our "Springtime Ride"

to see our lovely countryside.

We were "Trotting Along" enjoying the "Morning Light" . . .'

passing barns of stone and weathered wood of red and white.

Springtime Ride
Trotting Along

Country Barns

As we rode through the countryside, we pondered the different barns that we passed by. 


Some were very old, reminiscent of "Days Gone By" 

which made us wonder about barns, the hows and whys.

First we saw "The Old Barn" that's been in the meadow for oh so long. The way it was built could have been used to house corn.

Why Are They Red?

As we clippity-clopped "Along the Country Road,"

barns of red appeared as the rooster crowed.

"A Peaceful Place" caught our eye,

a red barn silhouetted against a blue sky.

"Afternoon Shadows" turn red to orange gold . . .

What is the reason? I'd like to know.

Well, it seems farmers are a thrifty lot . . .

you know the saying, "Waste not, want not."


It was along about the 1700s,

preservation of wood became the intention.

So mixed ingredients they had on hand ~ 

skim milk, lime, and red iron oxide was the blend.

The coating became a plastic-like crust,

but not very red til they added some rust.

The dark color made the barn extra warm,

while the oxide wouldn't allow moss, fungi, or mold to form.

Whitewash and Stones

Next the design that made it's mark,

was the roof of gambrel that added space to the top.


Barns back then were 

"Handcrafted With Love"

for no blueprints were there, just experience from hand in glove.


A more thrifty farmer may choose to whitewash,

if he's more concerned about the cost.

"Season of Change" for barns happened, too . . .

some built of stone and brick were of great value.


Prosperity, Happiness, and God

"Autumn's Bounty" comes quickly every year,

some believe the Dutch Star brings more than good cheer . . .

Circles and stars symbolize divinity and the circle of life,

Hearts and leaves are a welcoming sign to share good luck and end strife.


Our carriage ride took most of the day,

a wonderful way to while our time away.

A little insight about barns we love to see,

every weathered, stoned, white or red beauty.


I unharnessed Ole Nelly and set her free,

straight to the barn she galloped fast as could be.

Bucking and kicking as she romped through the field,

glad to be home ~ her joy revealed.

Enjoy your spring, and summer this year,

For it won't be long til "A Time to Harvest" will be here.


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