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beautiful heirloom 

Beautiful Heirloom

more than unique piece of jewelry art

created by . . .

Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

Beautiful Heirloom in silver.png

Beautiful Heirloom

Porcelain Brooch/Pendant 
Issued in 2016 

1-7/16 x 1-3/4 ins. 


Adapted from the commemorative P. Buckley Moss print, “Echoes of the Past” is more than a pretty pin/ pendant showing two historic places in Collinsville, Illinois: the picket fence from the historic D.D. Collins House and the wheelbarrow of flowers from the Biedler Hotel built in 1879. 

In The Garden
Echoes of the Past

“Beautiful Heirloom” has a story to tell.

The oval shape is a deliberate design style. In the world of Moss, the oval shape is similar to a circle in that it has no beginning and no end. The importance of the images held within the borders of this oval is eternal - never ending.


The blue background, symbolic of trust, loyalty, wisdom and faith, sets the mood and offers a beautiful canvas to depict the historic images.


A white picket fence sitting at the back is an image that people love to see because it represents true Americana - the American dream of owning a home surrounded by a white picket fence. The fence also offers protection to the things held within. That fence invites the viewer to take a closer look and see what lies within - beyond the barrier, but also offers protection to that which is dear.


The wheelbarrow, usually a tool used to make hard work a bit easier, becomes a planter overflowing with the beautiful bounty of colorful flowers of the garden.


The flowers contained within the wheelbarrow planter are almost a still life painting. They offer color and beauty to the piece of jewelry and seem to be a bouquet without the vase. At the heart of the bouquet is a white daisy, which is not surprising in that a white daisy is symbolic of purity, innocence, love, youth and daintiness. The vibrant center of the daisy is as radiant as the sun as it rises in the early morn. The word “daisy” is Old English for “day’s eye,” representing the morning as well as Spring in nature, both of which hold the promise of new beginnings, hope.


The small cardinal, the state bird of Illinois, sits atop the picket fence. He is known for his deep scarlet red coloring and is representative of true love, faith, hope and joy.

When you wear this pin/ pendant be prepared for people to stop you and comment on this beautiful piece of jewelry art. Share the story that it holds.

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