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cats and poker...

a little cheating going on?

Mike and Kevin just sent this photo of “Our Night Out” by Pat Moss, which hangs above the computer in their office. I framed this for them a few years ago. It was such a fun piece, and they told me to just do something that I could have fun with. So I took them at their word and went to work.

It may be a little difficult to tell from the photo, but there are several mats in the project, orange, red with a black core, more orange, black, and then the neutral, along with poker chips, cards and other card related embellishments. I created a space between the red mat and the orange mat to allow for the card embellishment. The space also adds depth to the framing.


I love that Mike and Kevin are never afraid of color and have a bit of a wild side to them, allowing me to have some fun. So that you can see more detail of the image itself,


I have included a picture of the print. Wouldn’t this be fun to hang in a man cave, next to the card playing table? Perfect decor for Saturday night poker.

all in good fun...

I’d say while a bit of cheating may be going on, it appears to be all in good fun!


Thank you for sharing. Just wait til I share a photo of their next framing project with you. I can tell you this: when Barb was ready to order the mats, she questioned me because she thought I had made a mistake. You’ll see.




If you have something special on your walls that I have framed, send a photo to me along with the story and I will publish it in the “archives” section on my website.



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