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Christmas Joy

A time of wonder, reflection, and tradition . . .


Click art images below for information on each piece.

Christmas Time 

While winter's chill may fill the air, we find the warmth of Christmas everywhere . . .

"Welcome December" ~


Been waitin' all year to

welcome you . . .

Decembetr Welcome.jpg
December's Baby Framed.jpg

The kiss of winter with

snow in the air,

Kind and sweet as

"December's Baby" ~

filled with cheer . . .

Hop aboard with Kris;

do you hear the laughter? ~

Tucked tight and set for a "A Purrfect Ride" 

is what he's after . . .

Purrfect Ride Framed.jpg

Every boy and girl we see

along the way ~ 

is "Ready for Christmas" 

and shouts,

"Hooray! Hooray!" . . .

Ready for Christmas Framed.jpg
Pit Stop ornament.png

"Pit Stop" we must make,

quick, quick, quick ~

Then be on our way, zippity-zip,

lickity-split . . .

Look down there!

What do you see? ~

"Christmas at the Barn"

shares the joy of art

'round Pat's tree . . .

Christmas at the Barn Framed.jpg
Full Steam Ahead ornament.jpg

Oh, wait! What have we here? ~ 

It's "Full Steam Ahead"

perfect for any aspiring

train engineer. . .

"The Perfect Tree" 

she has chosen ~

from a once green tundra,

that now is frozen . . .

The Perfect Tree Framed.jpg
Rejoice in Song Framed.jpg

Carolers "Rejoice in Song"  ~ 

Come on everyone, 

let's sing along . . .

"A Reading Nook"  

where Mom reads

the story ~

of when Jesus was born,

in grace and glory . . .

A Reading Nook Framed.jpg

If we listen closely, we can hear how Christmas came to be . . .

Click art images below for information on each piece.

The Nativity

The story of Jesus' birth is classic and bright. A child was born on that glorious night!

A "Bright Messenger" 

was sent near and far ~

To announce the good news

'neath a shining star . . .

And There Were Angels.jpg
Bright Messenger framed.jpg

"And There Were Angels" 

heaven bound ~

singing out to all a

hearkening sound . . .

The "Children's Prayer" 

said across the land ~

now answered amidst the

dunes of sand . . .


"Tidings of Joy" 

from above were revealed ~

sorrows of the world would soon

be forever healed . . .

Children's Prayer Framed.jpg

"A Star to Guide Them" 

in the sky so bright ~

three wise men discovered on

that fateful night . . .

Tidings of Joy Framed.jpg
Oh Holy Night ornament.jpg

"O Holy Night" 

the shepherds knew ~

rejoice they did for

a spirit renewed . . .

The word was spread across

our world ~

Behold! A "Miracle in Bethlehem" 

is what was heard . . .

Miracle in Bethlehem Framed.jpg
A Child is Born ornament.JPG

For unto you "A Child is Born" 

this very day ~

A child to cleanse the sins of

mankind away . . .

"Away in a Manger"

the son of God

was born ~

Turned away from the inn, long before the break of dawn. . .

Angelic Adoration ornament.jpg
Away in a Manger Framed.jpg

"Angelic Adoration"

shall never end,

for Christ was born

in Bethlehem . . .

"The Nativity" proclaims for

all eternity,

a sacred time of blessings

for humanity . . .

And the Greatest of These ornament.jpg
Nativity Framed.jpg

"And The Greatest of These" 

we learn from Him ~

is to love one another til our cups

overflow their brim . . .

"Alleluia" for this

glorious occurrence ~

Now back into our sleigh,

with no deterrence . . .

Alleluia Framed.jpg

For Kris Kringle awaits our special visit,

spreading and giving joy is his favorite ticket . . .

Click art images below for information on each piece.

Everything Kris . . . Kringle That Is

Next we climb aboard that magic sleigh that Pat built in her artistic way. To the workshop of Kris Kringle we go, with kitties and bundles ~ ho, ho, ho . . .

Purrfect Ride Framed.jpg

 A Perfect Ride" ~ we climb

back upon ~

What could that be?

Do you hear that sound?

Why it's the purr-r-r-r of

our kitty engine . . .

Feeling Festive.jpg

Kris is "Feeling Festive"

indeed he is ~

he can balance on an ornament, 

by golly, gee whiz! . . .

"Cool Kris Kringle" 

skates on the air;

yes, it's true ~

he can carve a fakie, kickflip, and 

even a nollie when he's

in the groove . . .

Cool Kris Framed.jpg
Patriotic Kris Framed.jpg

"Patriotic Kris Kringle"  

waves his flags

of red, white and blue ~

As he flies overhead, he has a

grand point of view . . .

"Kris Kringle's Snowman"

loves the cold ~

that's really good, since he

lives at the North Pole . . .

Kris Kringle's Snowman Framed.jpg
Kris Kringle's Angel Framed.jpg

"Kris Kringle's Angel"

is there by his side ~

A spiritual being in whom he'll

often confide . . .

The elves call him "Angel Claus"

when he dons feathered wings ~

'cause Kris is known 

to do comical things . . .

Angel Claus Framed.jpg
My Helper Framed.jpg

The angel Kris refers to as

"My Helper" shows up ~

when Kris is

too pooped to pop,

his legs give way, and he can 

no longer stand up . . .

"Golfing Santa" 

is Kris' nickname ~

except when he slices a

fried egg in his game . . .

Toy Tester Framed.jpg

I've seen him playing with toys

on his train ~

Claims he's "The Toy Tester"

Oh, come on Kris;

that's so-o-o-o lame! . . .

Cake layers and

a rocker stitch or two ~

Give him patches and a needle,

you never know exactly

what he'll do . . .

"Quilted Kris Kringle" 

weaves his needle

in and out, 

betweens on the bias and

a rotary cut . . .

Quilted Kris Framed.jpg
Dancing on a Stars Framed.jpg

"Dancing on a Star" 

is what Kris does ~

when he gives out toys,

something he loves . . .

"Kiss Me Kris"

you jolly fellow ~

right o'er here neath the

sprig of mistletoe . . .

Kiss Me Kris Framed.jpg
Decking the Halls.jpg

Santa's an expert at

"Decking the Halls" ~

he's got plenty of help from

those playful fur balls . . .

Cat in the Hat I Framed.jpg
Cat in the Hat II Framed.jpg
Cat in the Hat III Framed.jpg

They're causing him trouble;

they're causing him grief! ~

those three mischief-makers,

"Cat in the Hat I, II, III"  . . .

Never thought he'd

ever succeed; oh no, not me ~

Santa and those kitties

decorated a

"Purrfectly Trimmed" tree . . .

Purrfectly Trimmed Framed.jpg
Christmas at the Kringles Framed.jpg

"Christmas at the Kringle's"

is a great place to be ~

Kris and his missus love every

puppy and kitty . . .

"Santa's Joy" 

when every home ~

is filled with lots of

happy children . . .

Santa's Joy Framed.jpg
Kris Kringle's Cats.jpg

Gather"Kris Kringle's Cats" 

now, don't delay ~ 

get ready to take off

for the big holiday . . .

"Christmas Arrival" 

the tree's in tow ~

Come on now,

we gotta go . . .

Christmas Arrival Framed.jpg
Purrfect Delivery.jpg

The kitties are hitched with 

hats on their heads~

"A Perfect Delivery" is sweet as

children asleep in their beds . . .

All snuggled together in Kris' sleigh,

let's continue our journey for it's nearly Christmas day . . .


Click art images below for information on each piece.

I'll Be Home For Christmas

No matter where you may be, everyone's heart is home for Christmas. Our sleigh ride takes us from town to town, visiting families across this great land.

Moss Christmas Goos Framed.jpg

The "Moss Christmas Goose

symbolizes traditions of old ~

wrapped in a wreath of holly and

bow of crimson bold . .

"The Caroling Season"

is upon us now~

'Joy to the World' is a favorite to sing for one and all . . .

Caroling Season.jpg

"Christmas at Church Circle" brings the faithful together ~

sharing love and fellowship,pressed down and overflowing,

all in good measure . . .

Christmas at the Center Framed.jpg

"Christmas at the Center"

calls to skaters everywhere ~

ice dancers glide and twirl

around a tree glistening in

golden glitter . . .

Why there's Ole St. Nick

with his train loaded down ~

"Comin' Around the Mountain"

soon to stop in our hometown . . .

Comin' Around the Mountain framed.jpg
Christmas at Home Framed.jpg

"Christmas at Home"

is where we plan to be ~

if Papa would hurry

and hitch-up

our grey, Ole Nellie . . .

Lebanon Holiday Horse Parade Framed.jpg

Oh, my goodness!

What's that I see? ~ 

The "Lebanon Holiday Horse Parade"

is being lead by Ole Nellie . . .

The Nutcracker Framed.jpg

"The Nutcracker"

is a classic ballet ~

an absolute must see by

Christmas day . . .

"The Prince of Dreams"

is a handsome fellow ~

his gaze is intent,

never mellow . . .

The Nutcracker - Sugar Plum Fairy.jpg
The Nutcracker - Prince of Dreams Framed

Alas, "The Sugar Plum Fairy"  

a graceful beauty ~

dazzles us with grand jeté to the classic music by Tchaikovsky  . . .

Shhhh, don't look

now, but just over there ~

Someone's kissing 

"Under the Mistletoe" 

Isn't that dear? . . .

Under the Mistletoe Framed.jpg
15 The Tree Lighting.jpg

Hurry! Let's rush back

to the square ~

for Santa is hosting 

"The Tree Lighting" 

this year . . .

"A Christmas Song"

we sing as we travel ~

through drifts of snow

we snuggle close,

in blankets of flannel . . .

Christmas Song Framed.jpg
Front Royal Silent Night Framed.jpg

The gazebo emits

a golden glow ~

"Front Royal Silent Night"

resembles a music box

decked in gold . . .

"All Roads Lead Home"

we have found ~

the hearth radiates a

fire so very warm,

Oh, yes! we are finally

homeward bound. . .

All Roads Lead Home Framed.jpg
Early Christmas Morning Framed.jpg

"Early Christmas Morning"

is a special time ~

an aura of love and wonder

in harmonious chime . . .

We celebrate

"A Family Christmas" ~

across the distance,

together at last . . .

A Family Christmas Framed.jpg
Long Winer's Nap Framed-2.jpg

And what about Kris,

you may ask? ~

Fast asleep he is 

enjoying a "Long Winter's Nap"

snoozing away with his

little black cat . . .

Christmas Framed.jpg

I hope you enjoyed

my Kris Kringle sleigh ride

with those I cherish 

far and wide ~

My heartfelt wish

to one and all ~ 

Merry "Christmas" to all,

and to all a good night!

2001 - Kringle Bells.jpg
Christmas at Church Circle Framed.jpg

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