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a zebra takes its stripes wherever it goes !!!!!

~ Maasai proverb

is it black on white? or white on black?

This is a beautiful hand-painted tile by Connie. She teaches china and tile painting in her home. Every year she makes a trek to take classes, learning new techniques to apply to her art-form.

This is one of her most outstanding tiles!


Many of you would recognize Connie because she and her husband Dan have been workers at many of our P. Buckley Moss shows. As a matter of fact, when Pat and I were discussing next year’s show, her first question to me was, “Will Dan be there?” I just love that man.” He is a lovable, happy go-lucky friendly man - always a smile on his face.

before and after ...

 I wanted you to see the tile before the framing was completed.

It may be difficult to see on this photo, but the splashes of water are 3-d and raised.


It is very heavy; extra support is required in the matting and substrate to hold the weight of the piece.


The inner mat is a spruce color (deep blue-green) to pick up on the splashes of color within the water. The outer mat is a black-core white, of course to put emphasis on the zebras.


A simple black frame has been used; however it has depth to accommodate the depth of the glass, matting and weight of the substrate.

Gorgeous work, Connie!

I would love to feature photos of things that I have framed for you. Just email the image to me along with a little story, and I will publish it in the “archives” section of the website. It really is a lot of fun to share your projects with others; and others love to see what’s been done.

My email address remains:

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