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Song of Swans

on winter's leave ~

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Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

The Doe River Bridge

The Doe River Bridge, a limited edition giclee recently completed by P. Buckley Moss, is a picture within a picture and has an underlying story to tell. Join me as we walk along the snowy path to take in the story nestled in the swans’ song of this late winter scene:

Doe River Bridge Framed.jpg

“Can you see the story?” ask the window eyes peeking from the covered bridge. The waterfall grins for it knows of the tranquility portrayed here.

“Come closer,” invites the gateway created by and beneath the bridge, “I’ll share the story I know so well.”

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The Winter Finale ~ A Prelude to Spring

In this original watercolor/ giclee, the artist takes us to a place, known to all the locals, where nature begins to wake from her long winter’s nap. The hazy sky hints that it is twilight time, somewhere between dawn and sunrise; and the muted and misty green of the new season tantalizes during this quiet morning with nature’s rebirth as the promise of Spring begins to slowly appear.


Though the bridge is central to the image, home is where the story begins - set in the east where the sun rises and the day begins. Home is a golden sanctuary and adds warmth to this winter tale.


A white rail fence guards the narrow pathway that leads to the bridge, protecting both its entrance and exist. Notice that each end of the Doe River Bridge reaches and leans outward- its doorways always open with a promise to return the traveler to the safety of the nest.


Covered bridges have tales to tell. They were built to calm horses and to keep passengers safe as they traversed a span of water or more … Covered bridges often protect young courting lovers from the elements as they share with one another their dreams and hopes for the future. This bridge is anchored with a solid foundation of stone thus grounding it to Mother Earth, yet offering protection from the brazenness that nature sometimes offers.

Spirit Voice of Reflections

A sentry of bare trees embraces this portal between home and the world. They are the eternal gatekeepers. Their hardwood darkness resounds a warning, “This place is protected!” The tree on the left offers protection from the outside world; the one on the right casts its shadow and points to more of what is happening here. Its reflection is on the family of swans peacefully swimming in the early morning tranquility of the river - their life story.


The swan is one of the most ancient symbols of the cosmos and creation. Purity and love fulfilled by a devoted pair mated for life. They swaddle their young with care and protection by their mere immense presence. As parents they face west for they know the future of their young and of the life experiences they will have; however, the swaddlings still face toward home for it is not yet time for them to be off and on their own.


The pier on the western bank is short, its entry wide from the swans’ perspective as it opens toward the big world for soon the new life journey will begin for the little ones as they grow into adulthood. The arrow-shaped shadows of the guard fence posts point the way westward toward destiny and life renewed.


Pat Moss’ winter scenes are considered one of the trademarks of her art. The hush found in a winter scene offers peace, tranquility and solitude; the purity of the white snow not only hides the blemishes that life can sometimes bring, it adds beauty as it hides life’s flaws. Her work always looks toward the good that life and nature have to offer, and her spiritual message of hope and renewal are here at The Doe River Bridge.


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