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Easter Fun

Jellybeans and bunnies, hidden eggs and sweet memories . . .

Be sure to scroll down to the very end for a special surprise!

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Easter Time 

Spring is here at last, at last;

with mounds and mounds of Easter grass . . . 

Colored eggs, and jellybeans;

chocolate bunnies hidden amidst pastels and greens.

Join me, now, if you will;

for a stroll through fields of daffodil . . .

Childhood joy is what we seek;

with eyes of wonder, let's take a peek.

"Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail" ~

we shall go;

Look! Along the hill and dale, 

a parade of bunnies outside their burrow . . .

March Framed.jpg

Sometimes Easter

arrives in"March" ~

It's not determined

by a lark . . .

It has to do a bit with the

"Birth of Spring" ~

dating back to

the fourth century . . .

Many buns.png
Bunny Tracks.png
April Framed.jpg

The date is determined by

the first Full Moon of Spring

and the first Sunday following; 

so March 22nd can be the earliest;

and "April" 25th the very latest . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

Now you know why 

"March's Baby" 

may arrive with glee;

amidst a colored

egg menagerie . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

"Easter Eggs" 

to hide and find;

stripes and swirls of color

of every kind . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

It's "Eggs'tra Special" 

to create and design,

colorful eggs I love to

give to every friend of mine . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

An "Easter Surprise" 

delights each child,

who waits for the

Easter bunny to arrive . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

"Baby Bunny" 

dreams every night,

of his future spreading

Easter delight . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

The "Easter Bunny" 

has invited everyone,

over to celebrate some

Easter fun . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

So don your 

"Easter Bonnets" 

and dress-up real fine;

let's get ready to celebrate

Easter time . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

Do you 

"Hear That?" 

I do declare!

Music and laughter is

coming from over there . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

An "Easter Dance" 

with boys and girls,

and dancing bunnies

do fancy twirls . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

"Spring Hop" 

with bunnies all in a row,

oh how they put on a

bunny show . . .

Grab your "Easter Basket" 

and come with me;

we'll gather eggs and

sweet candy . . .

Bunny Tracks.png
Bunny Tracks.png

"Easter Pals" are special;

they share fun times;

Their friendship is

oh so very divine . . .

Don't forget

"Peter Cottontail" 

You'll find him singing and

hopping down the bunny trail . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

The "Moss Easter Goose" 

is quite a gander;

One might say he's the

Easter wing commander . . .

Bunny Tracks.png

I hope you enjoyed

this "Easter" adventure, 

complete with bonnets and

every bunny treasure . . .

Bunny Tracks.png
Tale of P Rabbit.JPG
Be sure to visit more bunnies if you will . . . just click the magic daffodil ~

Click the image above to read the 

1902 version in PDF provided

by Free Kids Books. 

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