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Fire in the Sky

a dramatic climax ~

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Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky, a limited edition giclée recently completed by P. Buckley Moss, tells us about sunsets, the sacred birch, and a time to rest. 

Join me as we embark on a late Fall walk and feel the embrace of the Fire in the Sky:

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The dramatic climax of Fall unfolds behind the graceful beauty of the willowy black birch.

The Vibrance of Fall ~

The garnet foliage dots the sky like the ripened seeds of a pomegranate when the promise of harvest has been fulfilled.

A joyful swoosh of orange across the sky gives a warm contentment in this late fall sunset. It is the vibrant sunset of a season as well as a day nearly complete.

Vibrant orange ignites the spirit with joy and keeps us focused on the bright side of life. The whispered swish of deep pink adds a touch of compassion and nurturing critical to the cycle of life eternal.


A Gentle Hint ~

This fiery scene is gently cooled by a subtle use of negative space in the guise of water, the essence of all life. The whiteness of the water hints that winter is near . . . the time Earth needs to take a break and rest from all of the energy expended until now and to prepare for the new life to come.

The Promise ~

Birch trees have always held the eternal promise of new life. This stand of black birch front and center makes this bold statement of that promise. Like a tiger, it bounds forth from the earth. It touches the water’s edge as well as the sky. It is all encompassing.

Although it may seem fragile and delicate by its slender appearance, don’t be fooled for it is flexible and has the great inner strength to have the resilience needed to withstand the storms of life. The branches and twigs promise an abundance of new life will spring forth in many directions, on the horizon.

Fire, like water, is essential to survival. The birch has served mankind since the beginning of time as a prized fire starter over most other woods as it will burn even when damp. The birch beckons us to serve our fellow man with a fire in our hearts. A reminder that even if our spirits are dampened by the oncoming winter of life, we can always ignite from the spark of passions that connects us to God, our Fire in the Sky.

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