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Handblown Ornaments

they’ve arrived …

The handblown glass ornaments that have been on order for a while have arrived in the gallery. Because these beauties are an art form, I suggest they remain on display all year long.

The ornaments with shine have been treated with titanium to give that gorgeous glow.

The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. has numerous designs and colors from which to choose.

The ornaments with beautiful texture have been created by rolling the hot, molten glass in shards of glass. As the shards melt, they create unique, colorful designs.

made from ashes


The hand-blown glass ornaments contain volcanic rock dust from Mount St. Helen’s in the State of Washington. It has been said that the materials spewed from that volcano in 1980 came from 10 to 20 miles below the surface of the earth. I believe that the master glass blower has created a work of art in each of the beautiful orbs that we carry at The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd.

Lyn Topinka's photo depicts the majestic beauty of Mt. St. Helens.

Each ornament is a unique creation so no two are exactly alike. Most are limited editions as well. These are very special gifts indeed!

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