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"if cats could talk, they wouldn't"

                                                           ~ nan porter

here's lookin' at you, kid...

Mike and Kevin wanted to do something different with this little, black and white image of Pat’s black cats.

color, color, color...

became the name of the game. The fact that the image has so much white space around it gave me the option of cutting a decorative mat. Note that the decorative cut does not interfere with nor does it take away from the artist’s work. Actually, the tree made of cats is the first thing the eye sees, then the matting, and finally the frame - which is as it should be.


When Barb wrote up the framing order to get these matboards, she questioned whether I knew what I was doing; then as I cut the mats, she asked, “Are you sure?” I knew it then, and I know it now. It was the right thing to do. It is not always possible to use this much color; but when you can, you just have to go for it.

Mike and Kevin shared this photo of “Tree of Cats,” a rare print by artist Patricia Buckley Moss.

“Tree of Cats,” a sold out limited edition print

Ever vigilant; ever watchful; ever observant; AND then there’s: playful, whimsical, stylized, amusing, entertaining, fanciful, curious, perhaps just a bit inquisitive (all adjectives to describe a tree made up of cats); a tree of good luck charms, eleven to be exact, always lookin’ at you.


Isn’t it interesting how the artist created the perception of the trunk of a tree? and even created the hint of bark by varying the depth of color of the cats? Necks ‘n’ heads as branches? Who would have thought… because we usually see Pat’s little, black cats as imaginative little critters, inconspicuously placed in an image to look around, as if saying, “Hey, pay no attention to me - just here to check out what’s goin’ on.”

I would love to feature photos of things that I have framed for you. Just email the image to me along with a little story, and I will publish it in the “archives” section of the website. It really is a lot of fun to share your projects with others; and others love to see what’s been done.

My email address remains:

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