my apprentice

I have an important announcement to make and that is:

I have a new apprentice working with me in the frameshop. I, a/k/a Gramma, have recently hired my grandson Austin, age 6, to assist me on days he feels he wants to work in the workshop. Austin is very good at following directions and I have a grand story to tell.

Colleen, one of my favorite cross-stitchers, gave me a cross-stitch as a gift because I loved the saying so much. Well, I have to put my own work on hold so I do not put off doing work for my customers - a bit like the painter who paints his house last because of the other work he has to complete.


So recently Austin came to the gallery to work. We always find projects to work on, usually his own, but this time we had a project to complete for Gramma. Because we were framing needlework, lacing had to be done to stretch the needlework. I determined Austin could handle it. Here’s what we did in the frameshop.

lace and needlework . . .

I explained to Austin what it means to lace needlework and I showed him how to do it. I threaded the needle and put him to work. He gave himself a thumbs-up in the last photo for a job well done.

build and cut . . .

In anticipation of doing this project, I had previously built the frame and cut the glass. After I cleaned the glass, Austin had to vacuum both the glass and the matboard in order to remove any dust that might be clinging to the needlework. Then he fit the piece into the frame.

ready to hang . . .

With the dust cover in place, the bumpon pads in the corners, and the stickers attached, Austin had to put in the screw-eyes - making sure they were secure. He added the wire, and the rest is history. What a great apprentice I have! And the saying on the cross-stitch?

I love you

more today

than yesterday -


you really got

on my nerves.

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