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The Nutcracker Series

Do you love the classics? So perfect in time for Christmas . . .

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Like awaiting the dramatic climax of a magical story, we waited every year for the next in the P Buckley Moss Nutcracker series. Four beautiful prints give the classic 1816 tale special life. There's a very wonderful surprise at the bottom of the page; and be sure to enjoy the music as you read . . .

Waltz of the FlowersTchaikovsky
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special limited edition prints

And, so the story began . . .

During the long, long day of the twenty-fourth of December, the children of Doctor Stahlbaum were not permitted to enter the parlor, much less the adjoining drawing-room. Frederic and Maria sat nestled together in a corner of the back chamber; dusky twilight had come on, and they felt quite gloomy and fearful; for, as was commonly the case on this day, no light was brought in to them.

The Nutcracker

Issue date ~ Winter 2016

A treasure, indeed, I have found,

the digital of a book 1853 bound . . .

Originally written in 1816,

"The Nutcracker" and Mouse King . . .

One hundred three years later we are blessed,

come read the story; be my guest . . .

From German the translation was made,

for all to enjoy to this very day . . .

2016 The Nutcracker Framed.jpg

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Prince of Dreams

Issue date ~ Winter 2017

2017 The Nutcracker Prince of Dreams Fra

In all his splendor stands a fellow,

his jacket bright red trimmed in golden yellow . . .

His hat sits high upon his head,

a wild, white beard is such a dread . . .

"Prince of Dreams" so the story goes,

defeats the Mouse King, a terrible foe,

His heart is kind and true and good,

not really made of wood . . .

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Sugar Plum Fairy

Issue date ~ Winter 2018

Her prince is hidden from her, so it seems,

perhaps he's found only in her dreams . . .

She dances with unwavering heart,

as yet knows not her part . . .

"Sugar Plum Fairy" sees right through,

the wrongs done to a heart so very true . . .

she casts a spell of love most pure,

with her spirit so demure . . .

2018 The Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Fra

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The Waltz of the Snowflakes

Issue date ~ Winter 2019

The Waltz of Snowflakes Framed.jpg

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The wonder of Christmas is what Maria sought,

toy soldiers and fairies, the tale's plot . . .

Seven-headed villains of rodent vile,

her story would surely beguile . . .

"The Waltz of Snowflakes" filled her dream,

with a magical, sparkly, fairy-dust scene . . .

And when her true heart was exposed to all,

the prince of her dreams came to call.

Dance of the Sugar Plum FairiesTchaikovsky
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Nutcracker Suite.jpg
Nutcracker book cover.jpg

We all know Pat's passion for reading and education, so it was quite a thrill to have found this PDF of the book, "Nutcracker and Mouse King" translated from German and published in 1853.   

Our gratitude to archive.or and The University of North Carolina, Sylvester Hassell Collection for their generosity in sharing this masterpiece.

Click  image to read the PDF of the  book published in 1853

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