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Antique Ometers

gauges from long ago...

Some measure atmospheric pressure, 

others measure temperature . . .

These are old from days long gone,

instruments used by everyone.

Illustration of barometers
barometers, hygrometers and thermometer gauges

Rototherm barometer and Thermometer

SB Instrument

British Made 

Be it Stormy, Rain or in the midst of Change, to Fair or Very Dry.  A wonderful piece to tell the weather by.


Keuffel & Esser Co. N.Y.

Made in England

The English translation of veränderlich is changeable as in "forecast."

Made by: h. Meintrap

Made in Dülmen, Germany

Serviceman Test Gauge

used for temperature, sulfur dioxide, methyl chloride and freon.

Abbeon Cal, Inc. Certified Hygrometers

Made in W. Germany

Ship's Wheel Double Instrument Sets ~

Temperature / Humidity Gauge and Barometer Nautical design by

Swift and Anderson, Inc.

Boston, Massachusetts 


Temperature / Humidity Gauge

and Barometer Nautical design

by Air Guide

Double and Triple Gauge Wall Sets ~

Vintage thermometer, barometer and humidity gauges set in wood to display on a wall.

 Manufactured by:


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Thermometer and barometer Foranderligt is Danish for "changing."

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