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On the Edge

the icy domain of the king of the North, and much more . . .

Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

On the Edge

On the Edge, by P Buckley Moss is more than an icy tribute to the polar bear. It embodies family, life eternal, as well as the care and omnipotent love of God.

On The Edge Framed.jpg

Join me on an icy trek to the North land and explore the message of the creature that lives there. It embodies family, life eternal, as well as the care and omnipotent love of God.

A Bold and Courageous Ruler ~

The ruler of the ice world boldly emerges from the embrace of his furthest northern pinnacle. Feel his strength for he is the snowy white embodiment of pure courage, power, and responsibility. His mouth open. Do you hear his warning? “Beware! I am here to protect my beloved family. You are warned! I am power!”

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This creature is a skillful hunter and navigator. He not only can track the scent of prey twenty miles away; he follows the magnetic fields of the earth to find his way in the pure white and treacherous terrain of the North.  He thrives on life’s challenges. He greets them head on and eagerly, for nothing is too great for him to conquer. This is his true heart.  He is the king of his domain.

The Gentle One ~

The purity of the white negative space is the center focal point here. Although the polar bear is a fierce creature, there is a pure loving gentleness of this mother. Her head raised up to her mate while peering west toward the future. She is also a protector, standing guard over their precious cub. She has a strong foothold on solid ground. The innocent babe sleeps sweetly . . . still within the protective womb of this family.

The Embrace ~

The wave of cobalt and sky blues grace across the white of the north. Blue is the color of heaven. Here we see a glimpse of heaven’s face peering gently down upon this sacred and sweet life. Waves of azure arms embrace this family with eternal care in this harshest of environments. Take a step back and behold the entire scene. Can you see the Madonna embracing her innocent babe?

The sight of a polar bear always brings a smile of awe and admiration to us. He demands respect for he is forever On the Edge of eternity, life, death, and rebirth.

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