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Lucky Pigs

“I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us.

 Pigs treat us as equals.” 

~ Winston Churchill

The best pears fall into pigs' mouths.  

~ Italian Proverb


Click art images below for information on each piece.

Pigs Have Character

Ever wonder why Piggy banks were, and remain so popular? 


From ancient times pigs have symbolized wealth, good luck, and abundance. They are strong, ferocious, and tenacious. The pig is the most intelligent of the barnyard animals (maybe even smarter than the dog). 

The pig has no ego and doesn't care what others think; so they remain focused and plow ever forward toward their goal. Pigs are known to change and survive during challenging times. 


Pigs are more popular than you may realize. As you read our little piggy story, you will be amazed that most of the pig prints P Buckley Moss has created are no longer available. Fact of the matter is, how can you resist such a magnificent creature? . . .

Pig Parade Framed.png

"Pig Parade" is

where we begin,

to learn about 

this creature's zen . . .

Ellen's Pig Framed.png

"Ellen's Pig" is pink 

and cuddly; 

If they need to get cool,

that's when they

get muddy . . .

"Hog Heaven" is a

mighty ride,

Let's look for pigs

along the countryside . . .

Hog Heaven Framed.png
Frontier Homestead Framed.png

"Frontier Homestead" 

when pioneers flourished,

and the prairie life

 took great courage . . .

Seeds of Life Framed.jpg

The "Seeds of Life" for

this world depends,

on farm animals like the pig,

a farmer's friend . . .


"I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts."

~Ronald Reagan

Along the Country Road Framed.png

As we continue 

"Along the Country Road" ~ 

we seek more pig wisdom 

as we go . . .

Pink Pig Framed.png

"Pink Pig" will fill

your heart with joy;

as Pig Days are

celebrated in central Illinois . . .

"Mathilda" in her sweater

is oh so sweet;

Did you know pigs

are delicate and 

susceptible to both

cold and heat? . . .

Mathilda Framed.png
Chow Time Framed.png

"Chow Time" comes 

every day;

and our friendly little pig

leads the way . . .

A "Log Cabin" is

more complete,

  for a pig teaches us

to appreciate every

visitor we greet.

Log Cabin Framed.png
Marching with Our Pig Framed.jpg

"Marching with Our Pig"

is what farm children do,

when they know the

value of a barnyard troop . . .

"Lisa Anne" knows

that curly tail,

resembles a Q or

the shell of a snail . . .

Lisa Anne Framed.png
Kindergarten Days Framed by Art Loft tou

I never realized from my

 "Kindergarten Days" ~

that math and

calculus would lead 

to a piggy kind of craze . . .


National Yellow Pig Day

July 17th is so declared to honor,
The number 17, a number mathematicians couldn’t be much fonder . . .
It began as a celebration in the early 1960s,
When Kelly and Spivak, two mathematical geeks found it oh so nifty . . .

Seventeen showed up in a lot of places,
Look around and be amazed, check all databases . . .
The first four prime numbers, 2, 3, 5, and 7,
Add up to 17, Oh! You gotta be kiddin’!A school bus filled with passengers inside,
Weighs about 17 tons, well sakes alive . . .

No "Contentment" could

be found;

when two mathematicians 

noticed the number

17 all around . . .

Contentment Framed.png

The atomic number of chlorine is 17,
Now that’s mighty, mighty clean . . .

The 17th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution,
Gave citizens the right to elect senators by popular vote, a ratification . . .
17 letters make up lots of words,
Like interdisciplinary, telecommunication, commercialization ~ or so I’ve heard . . .

Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet symbolizes,
A progressive path to God. Now, that’s very wise . . .
So celebrate and learn some calculus,
For there are many yellow pigs scattered among us!

Whoa Framed.jpg

"Whoa!" they

exclaimed, in 

scientific demeanor;

and called out

Yellow Pig! in 

algebraic humor . . .

A "Radiant" 

creature is the

lowly swine;

used to dig truffles

in France, now

isn't that fine?!


Radiant Framed 2.jpg
Farmall Memories Framed.png

A tractor symbolizes


and ingenuity; 

so what could 

"Farmall Memories" 

have to do with pigs,

you may query?

Not much, really,

I have to admit . . .

but I needed 17 prints

for my piggy tribute.

Now for a wee drink,

to celebrate pigs, truffles, and 

universal calculus truth; 

Add a twist of lemon, cubes of ice, 

and a touch of vermouth;

Oh my, that's oh so nice!

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