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Privacy Policy

The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. respects your privacy. We do NOT collect, store, sell, or save any data when you visit our website.


Ours is not a point of sale website. We do not sell any merchandise via this website. If you want to purchase or inquire about an item, please call me; email me; or stop in for personal service.

If you sign up to receive our newsletters, your email address is never handled by a third party. I send out every email personally. If you want to unsubscribe to emails, you simply contact me directly; and I will personally remove your email address from my list.

If you see ads from The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. it is strictly via generic ads we purchase to reach people in our vicinity and not from any data we collect because we do not collect any type of data whatsoever.

We are a bit “old-fashioned” in our way of conducting business making our services a truly personal experience; and we intend to stay true to that ideal.  Remember, the only cookies we have are the ones served on a plate that we eat. We truly appreciate your business and you!

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