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Purple Vase

more than just a purple vase . . .

Limited editions, artist proofs and Giclée

Purple Vase

Purple Vase, somewhat abstract, and oh so bright, colors of emotion pop to fill the heart with a joyful delight.  

Purple Vase Framed in Black orange).jpg

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Shout Out to “Life!” ~

Bold red-orange jumps out at you and daringly states, “Let’s spring into action here and spread life and joy to all who dare gaze upon us!”  

Orange is a combination of passionate red and joyful yellow. It is symbolic of courage and strength, and the fruitfulness of harvest and health. It is bursting with life.

Circles of cushion flowers of all kinds, like sweet doughnut smiles abound. The kind of flower is not as important as the symbolic circle of life and warm touch of Mother Nature in all her glory. Every heart feels a burning happiness and light-heartedness.

A Golden Flare ~

Gold evokes a meaning of prestige, yes that’s true. Here it illuminates and compliments the bold blues and oranges adding a temperance of illumination as well as prestige. There is an undisputable quality of gold no other color exudes, including a dash of wisdom and wealth. It holds the embers of the fire deep within.

Passion Tempered with Truth and Creativity ~

The soft pink blush of admiration and friendship immediately catches your eye and adds a delicate hint of negative space in the form of the daisy. The deeper the pink, the more energy and passion it exudes. This still life moves us from the birth of simple admiration to a living strong passion as the shades of each color grows with intensity. It is alive with energy.

Royal blue is a complimentary color for the vibrant hot colors. It forms delicate daisy petals and adds the strength and the symbolism of truth and honesty while bringing a calmness to the fiery energy aflame here.

Purple is symbolic of stability. It is the spiritual core of the piece in the form of a cylindrical vase. It grounds and contains the boundless energy of life within its solid, yet gentle grasp.

The channel from the heart and soul of creative contemplation explodes with the passion and exuberance of life in this art tapestry of the Purple Vase.

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