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from 1996…

a “rare” Moss ornament ...

1996 Ornament

1996 P. Buckley Moss Ornament


I was doing a bit of straightening up in the gallery when I came across a treasure - “Christmas Carol,” a porcelain disk ornament that was originally released in 1996. This ornament was manufactured in Bavaria for Moss by Anna Perenna, which has been out of business for many years. If you were/ are a plate collector, you will recognize the name Anna Perenna as the leader of award-winning porcelain plates in the late 1980s and early 90s.

a real beauty ...

“Christmas Carol” depicts a choir of voices joining in song, making a joyful sound, as the congregation sings their favorite carols of the season. Standing before a small, white chapel, simply adorned with evergreen wreaths and red ribbon, they raise their voices, all the while a guiding star shining down upon them. A horse-drawn carriage can been seen in the distance. I wonder: Can the passers-by hear the sweet notes that resonate throughout the countryside to celebrate this joyful season?

The round image is surrounded by a wreath of stars and greenery, drawing us into the celebration of the Christmas season, allowing us to hear the heralding of glad tidings of good cheer.

flip side ...

The reverse side of “Christmas Carol” has a poem written in Pat’s distinctive script. The same wreath of stars and greenery surround the message to celebrate this day.

Join us now in Carols sung

We love you Jesus, say

Let the bells be sweetly rung To celebrate this day.

These have been sold out for quite some time. I only have 3 for sale.


The retail price is $38.00 + tax where applicable; and don’t forget The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. offers free gift wrapping.


Need it shipped? I can do it; ask for details.


Give me a jingle.

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