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What's in a name? . . .

The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

An Idea is Born: Often times, bridges built circa 1950s-60s were girder style bridges and were not necessarily “pretty” but were quite functional for short to medium distances, especially over expansions of water.


During the initial planning and development stages of the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, it was determined that this bridge should be more artistic in style; therefore the cable-support bridge was selected.


There was quite a bit of controversy between Missouri and Illinois when it came to naming the bridge. Missouri wanted to name the bridge after Stan “The Man” Musial, the great St. Louis Cardinal baseball player who had recently died. Illinois on the other hand wanted the bridge to be dedicated to the honor of veterans. After much back and forth, a compromise was reached. The bridge was aptly named the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.


A look back at history, we are reminded that at times bridges were built to become historical landmarks. But, in more recent times, bridges appear to be built more for the purpose of functionality, not as a landmark to be remembered in history. Not so with the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. Its beautiful. artistic cable-support style along with its name to honor not only a great baseball legend (who himself was a veteran), but also to honor those who have sacrificed to protect this great nation, make it a modern day historic landmark that will be treasured for future generations.


So as Paul and I were discussing what would make an interesting local landmark for Pat to create for our upcoming show, two fellows were in the gallery; they each suggested the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. They also suggested that Pat do her rendition as a nighttime image. Now having been a Moss dealer for more than 30 years,

I know that she has done very few “evening into nightfall” scenes. Truthfully, I can only think of two. So I decided I would suggest it - also knowing full well that Pat would create what Pat is inspired to create.

How pleasantly surprised Paul and I were when we saw that she created two images for our show: The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, which depicts the bridge at

ssb black grey.jpg

What’s in a Name?: If you are a local, you know that often times the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge is referred to by its nickname, the Stan Span. It’s not meant 

sunset; and Twilight on the Riverbank, which depicts the bridge at twilight, when the lighted structure glows.

twilight 2.jpg

to be derogatory, it’s just a shortened term used to reference the bridge.

sign detail.jpg

When Pat created the image, she painted a “highway sign” onto the image that accurately references the name of the bridge. That sign was done so that collectors, who are out of area, would know which bridge was depicted.

Note: The Gateway Arch is not painted into this image because in reality, the Arch is downstream - quite a distance from the bridge. 

SMB inset with sign.jpg

When it was time to TITLE the piece (meaning the wording as well as other information that is required to be printed and included at the bottom edge of the paper), there is enough space for only so many letters. Therefore, the name on the bottom edge of the paper reads, The Stan Span Bridge, type of print (giclee), year it was printed, number of pieces printed, how signed, printer and publisher’s name, and copyright.

We Salute Our Veterans

Because of those who fought and fight,

Because of those who sacrificed,

Because of all who served and serve,

Because they've had undying nerve . . .


We enjoy the freedoms of this land,

We cross riverbanks of a country grand,

We salute and honor each of you,

Our hearts filled with eternal gratitude.

SMVeterans Memorial Bridge inset.jpg
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Stan Musial 'Stan Span' Veterans Memorial Bridge

IS:  7-15/16 x 12-3/4 ins.

Regular Edition:  $85

Artist Proof: $215

Contact for information on original:

Twilight on the Riverbank​

IS: 8 x 12-7/16 ins.

Regular Edition:  $85

Artist Proof: $215

Contact for information on original:

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