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Ice Skaters

Our earth is frozen in stillness . . .


Click art images below for information on each piece.

Spinning, Gliding, and Dancing on Ice

The ice dance only happens in the frostiness of winter. 'Neath a sky of blue or haze of gray, a blanket of white covers an autumn landscape of summer past and spring to come. Ponds and lakes lie in a chill of silence. The skaters gather at the edge. 


Suddenly the sound of the skate bites the ice as the grind cracks the silence. The skaters glide and spin joyful circles across their frozen stage. Some skate in solemn thought while others crack the whip with glee.  Then like the sun upon the earth, the lovers dance, radiating their warmth and devotion arm in arm, heart to heart.

The "First Good Freeze" is eagerly sought,

by those anxious for what winter brought . . .

First Good Freeze Framed.jpg
January Framed.jpg

A "January" day

cold and clear;

Shall we take a skate, 

my dear?

"Winter's Gift" we do so love,

blade to ice, like 

hand in glove . . .

Winter's Gift Framed.jpg

My "First Lesson" I do recall,

Oops! Look at me, I

took a fall . . .

First Lesson Framed.jpg
Family of Skaters Framed.jpg

"A Family of Skaters" I am a part,

wee was I, when I got

my start . . .

"Our Time with the Children"

is so well spent ~

Skating time is

heaven sent . . .

Our Time with the Children Framed.jpg
Love and Joy Framed.jpg

Our "Love and Joy" shared

with all,

spreading warmth and laughter is

our protocol . . .

"A Peaceful Time" brought us even closer,

our heartbeats drummed as if on cue by a

fine composer . . .

Peaceful Time Framed.jpg
Lone Skater.jpg

A "Lone Skater"  sometimes

I am,

spinning in thoughts, reflecting

upon my life so grand . . .

"A Skater's Delight"  of emotions

comes over me,

when snowfall comes and a

pond of ice I see . . .

Skater's Delight Framed.jpg

Skater's Romance

Love blossoms on the blade of a skate . . .

"Ice Dancers" embrace, then

spin and spin,

with skates across ice as an arco

on a fine violin . . .

Ice Dancers Framed.jpg
Skating Dreams.jpg

"Skating Dreams" fill our 


the barren earth becomes

a canvas for our art . . .

"Moonlight Skaters" create a 

lunar delight,

the cosmic stars in a purple haze

of night . . .

Moonlgt Skaters Framed.jpg

As "Lover's Dance" along the 


skaters in the ambience of 

a golden glow . . .

Lover's Dance Framed.jpg
City Skaters Framed.jpg

"City Skaters" glide to and fro

in this wintry scene,

'neath the Gateway's mighty river

mezzanine . . .

"By the Light of the Moon"

she skates so fair,

while a secret admirer from afar

watches her . . .

By the Light of the Moon Framed.jpg
Woodlnd Wonderland Framed.jpg

Our "Woodland Wonderland" is so much fun,

we share our love of snow

with everyone . . .

"Skating Harmony" brings us


for we love each other ~

just because . . .

Skating Harmony Framed.jpg
Winter's Memories Framed.jpg

The "Winter's Memories"  we make

and share,

grace our lives and show loved ones

how much we care.

Vintage Skate.png

Click art images below for information on each piece.

Everything Skating

Skating As One Pend.jpg

"Skater's Dream"


"Skating As One"

pendant insert


"Love and Joy"



"Clifton Mill"


Silver Skates_edited.png
Silver Lake Mill ornament.jpg

"Silver Lake Mill"






"Winter in the Valley"

ornament (print also available)


"Skating at the Star Barn"


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