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These frosty fellows visit for awhile each year . . .


Click art images below for information on each piece.

Winter's Welcome

Though winter is the time of rest, these happy fellows bring out our very best . . .

"Welcome December" 

the special time;

we anticipate holidays,

and drifts of snow to climb . . .

Decembetr Welcome.jpg
Let it snow framed.jpg

Children pray for a chill

in the air;

 "Let It Snow" 

are the shouts of joy

we hear . . .

"A Garland of Snowmen" 

is such a grand way;

to decorate our homes,

just in time for Christmas day . . .

A Garland of Snowmen Framed.jpg

Since 1840 they celebrate 

in "Old Town Winchester" 

historic Virginia;

the ninth state to join the Union in 1788 . . .

Orn Old-Town-Winchesterorn.jpg
Our Christmas Friend Framed.jpg

Look outside! Snow is falling ~

we see no end;

and look forward to a visit,

from "Our Christmas Friend" . . .

"All Roads Lead Home" 

on the holidays,

no matter what

snowy path you may take . . .

All Roads Lead Home Framed.jpg
Seasons Greetings Framed.jpg

"Season's Greetings" 

are extended to all ~

by smiling snowmen,

short and tall . . .

Snow families may stay on and on;

if the weather is bad, they'll hang around,

long after the holidays are long gone . . .


Click art images below for information on each piece.

Snowmen Are Warm at Heart

December departs with memories so sweet. Now it's time for a new year we happily greet . . .

"January's Baby" 

is snuggled in ~ 

a basket of joy,

'neath a snowman's grin . . .

January's Baby Framed.jpeg
Orn victorianwinter_orn.jpg

"Victorian Winter" 

of snow blankets the land;

Delicate lace and frills, make

an ornate scene spectacular,

and oh so grand . . .

The "Snowman's Delight" 

maybe be a surprise;

For they love the sparkle

in each child's eyes . . .

Snowman's Delight Framed..jpg
Old School on the Hill Framed.jpg

The"Old School on the Hill" 

becomes the playground 

where children romp and play,

round and round . . .

For a "Snow Day" 

we welcome with glee;

Oh, my, here's our very own

Art Loft Gallery! . . .

Snow Day Framed.jpg
Snow People Pendant.png

"Snow People" 

have such a penchant ~

they may even be seen

on a pendant . . .

"Warm Hearts" are sure

to glow ~

Like our rosy cheeks from

playing in the snow . . .

Warm Hearts Framed.jpg
Orn snowmuchfunorn_lg.jpg

Children of all ages have 

"Snow Much Fun" ~

'cause building snowmen

is for everyone . . .

Our "Snow Family"

is large as it can be;

Never know who

you just might see . . .

Snow Family Framed.jpg
The Red Hat Snow Lady Framed.jpg

Like "The Red Hat Snow Lady"

who's decked to the nines ~

her expertise is in

exterior snow lady design . . .

The "Warmth Within" 

you can be sure ~

is because of snowmen,

who spread so much cheer . . .

Warmth Within Framed.jpg
Frosty Friends Framed.jpg

Enjoy our snowy time,

under skies of blue ~

for our "Frosty Friends"

will soon bid adieu . . .

"Winter Fun" 

is great to share ~

Snowflakes, snowflakes

everywhere . . .

Winter Fun Framed.jpg
Orn Christmas Snowman.png

Our "Christmas Snowman" 

will take leave soon ~

As spring returns with

flowers in bloom . . .

Hope you enjoyed our snowman tribute;

as we always say, "More to come, or . . . to be continued . . ."

Frosty Family Cabin Framed.jpg

Your invited back,

come on in ~

You're always welcome at the 

"Frosty Family Cabin" . . .

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