"A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe."

~ Thomas Keller


  • a small plate placed under a hot serving dish to protect a table.

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The Art of Enjoyment

Cooking I do, for those I love;

Hours in the kitchen, inspired by One above . . .

Each ingredient chosen to nourish the body;

A table set to present our bounty.

The "Promise of Spring" 

upon my table I enjoy every day;

For the growing season

is not far away . . .


Beauty of a Cardinal

by Joseph T. Renaldi

I saw a Cardinal in an evergreen tree, 
An aesthetic sight that dazzled me.
A red bird seeking shelter from the snow
Causing my heart to immediately glow.

The Cardinal stood out like a picture fair
As snowflakes struck its body there
Upon a branch of the evergreen tree, 
Nestled among the needles proud and free.

By the Almighty's mysterious design, 
A picture is created that I claim is mine, 
For one brief moment, then the bird is gone, 
But the beauty of the Cardinal will linger on. 


"Shades of Pink" 

fill my soul . . .

to my garden I must go;

I enter my quiet world of

peace and joy ~

and sip tea amidst a

flurry of wings,

visits from dragonfly beings.


The Dragonfly

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

 Today I saw the dragonfly

Come from the wells where he did lie.

An inner impulse rent the veil

Of his old husk: from head to tail

Came out clear plates of sapphire mail.

He dried his wings: like gauze they grew;

Thro’ crofts and pastures wet with dew

A living flash of light he flew.


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