Tropical Cruise

anything but sunny and sultry . . .

memories of the exotic tropics ~

Although this piece was purchased on a cruise in the exotic tropics, the weather on this adventure was anything but sultry and sunny.

This is a work of art on deckled-edged paper.  Notice how the edge adds interest to the artwork. We wanted to show that edge to enhance the character it added to the piece.

Cruis piece.jpg
Cruise Pic Photo.jpg

Click image to view zoomable PDF.

Ahh my floating technique is a trade secret.  It certainly adds interest to the piece.  The matboard that the paper is floated on has a purple hue though it is gray; and it works as a perfect background to make the colors within the artwork pop.  A beautiful shade of black matting surrounds the entire image. A very grained frame completes the framing.  This particular frame was chosen because it’s the type of wood you might see on a pier as you sit on the sandy shore watching the sun fall into the horizon at day’s end.  

Click image to view zoomable PDF.

When floating artwork it’s always important to use a spacer between the mats.  That spacer prevents the artwork from coming in contact with the glass.  Over time the paint from the artwork would stick to the glass and be ruined.  I know you have witnessed this very thing when you have found old family photos in the attic at gramma’s house.  

This is such a dramatic image of the tropics, it made me feel like I had also visited this magical place as the framing came together!

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