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Valentine Love

Time to celebrate love, love, love . . .

February can be a blustery month with blowing winds of winter's wrath. As a cold blanket of snow lay upon the landscape, the warmth and glow from a fireplace sets the scene for romance and love.


There could no more perfect month to celebrate Valentine's Day than February!

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My Little Valentine

Little girls sweet and true, love hearts and kisses, and flowers, too . . .

"Friendship, Love, and Loyalty" 

create a magical tapestry . . .

Friendship Love Loyalty Framed.jpg
My First Valentine Framed.jpg

"My First Valentine" 

I remember so well;

Frilly lace and polka dots

of pink pastel . . .

"Nine Little Ladies" 

await their beaus;

To whom will the honors

be bestowed? . . .

Nine Little Ladies framed.jpg

"Bucket of Love" I have

to give,

Someone to share my love,

for as long as we live . . .

Bucket of Love Framed.jpg
Love in Bloom Framed.jpg

"Love in Bloom" our lives

are grand;

I've found my true

Valentine man  . . .

"Love Is All"

we'll ever need~

We love each other;

we've both agreed . . .

Love is All Framed.jpg
Love You Framed.jpg

"Love You" he declares

each and every day;

Even if I burn his

dinner steak . . .

"Love You, More"

I counter back ~

in our make believe

lover's spat . . .

Love You More Framed.jpg
Sweet Love framed.jpg

"Sweet Love"  we'll always


Because it's you I love,

my sweetest dear . . .

"Our Hearts"  shall be

forever entwined;

For I've found my true

Valentine . . .

Our Hearts Framed.jpg
0Valentine hearts.png

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While Valentine's Day is traced back to 270 A.D., it became popular in the mid-1800s with the exchange of tokens of love and greetings that eventually became the more traditional Valentine card.

Sweethearts In Love

"February" is nestled


the cold of January and

hope of Spring . . .

February Framed.jpg
Budding Love framed.jpg

Though our "Budding Love" may be unseen;

Secretly our hearts jingle

like zills on a tambourine . . .

"Love's Promise" fills our

happy hearts;

Upon life's journey,

we shall embark . . .

Love's Promise framed.jpg

"Love Message" 

I send to you;

My heart beats

strong and ever true . . .

Love Message Framed.jpg
Let Love Be All Framed.jpg

"Let Love Be All" 

we ever need;

Daily we declare this

to be our creed . . .

Our "Love Blossoms"

forevermore ~

'cause the two of us

are in love to our very core. . .

Love Blossoms Framed.jpg
I Love You Too Framed.jpg

You love me;

"I Love You, Too"

more each day,

through and through . . .

Everyone says

"Love Birds" we are;

Shining bright together,

like a double star . . .

Love Birds framed.jpg
Love Song Framed.jpg

Our "Love Song" 

fills the air;

A melody of harmony

together we love to share . . .

Pink Heart Notes.png

Click art images below for information on each piece.

A tradition that began in Padua, Italy, and spread through parts of Europe, is to give St. Valentine's Keys to a lover. The keys are a symbolic invitation to "unlock the giver's heart."

Keys to My Heart

Art is a key to unlock a Valentine's heart; for those who share art shall never part . . .

"True to You" 

the Valentine I seek;

In search of a rare gem

in a babbling creek  . . .

True to You Framed.jpg
Love's Quilt Framed.jpg

We gaze through the

attic window of 

"Love's Quilt" we stitch;

discovering our very

perfect niche  . . .

"Stars of Love" 

are in my eyes;

For winning your love

is my greatest prize . . .

Stars of Love Framed2.jpg
With Love Framed.jpg

Our journey together 

is made "With Love" ~

as we seek guidance

from above . . .

"From My Heart"

I do declare;

I love you more and more

each year . . .

From My Heart Framed.jpg
Patchwork Love Framed.jpg

Our"Patchwork Love"

is stitched piece by piece;

our woven tapestry 

will forever increase . . .

We share"All Our Love"

for the world to see;

Just how wonderful

life can be . . .

All Our Love framed.jpg
Together in Love Framed.jpg

"Together in Love"

since we found each other;

blissful and true,

never asunder . . .

I promise to be

"Yours Forever" ~

my faithful Valentine

endeavor . . .

Yours Forever Framed.jpg
Love Blooms Framed.jpg

Because of you, our

sweet "Love Blooms" ~

filling the air with 

fragrant perfumes . . .

"True Love" can

be a rarity;

But fate brought us 

here, our destiny . . .

True Love Framed.jpg
With Love in My Heart Framed.jpg

"With Love in My Heart"

as two love birds coo;

All I do is think

of you . . .

"Love of a Lifetime"

is what you are;

I love you near and

from afar . . .

Love of a Lifetime Framed.JPG
Eternal Love Framed.jpg

"Eternal Love"

our blessing and promise;

To each other we keep,

without solace . . .

The "Valentine Goose"

is symbolism supreme;

A protector of family and

fulfilling your heart's dreams.

Moss Valentine's Goose Framed.jpg

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