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Wine and Vineyards

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.” 

~ John Keats

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Wine Tour

Autumn Splendor framed.jpg

"Autumn Splendor" sets

the scene, 

For a wine tour through a

P Buckley Moss dream . . .

Driving across the countryside near and far,

Rolling hills and green meadows till we reach "The Vineyard"  . . .

The Vineyard Framed.jpg
Harvest of Love Framed.jpg

A bountiful "Harvest of Love"  

we see,

as we reach the winery . . .

The perfect spot, "Arbor with a View"  provides,

The magical scene we observe

oh so wide-eyed . . .

Arbor with a View framed.jpg
Aperitif Framed.jpg

An "Aperitif" is a splendid way,

To enjoy our wining

exploration day . . . 

Next a "Special Vintage" 

we find,

To take home for when we 

need to unwind . . .

Special Vintage Framed.jpg
Vineyard Haven Framed.jpg

Sanctuary within the "Vineyard Haven" 

upon our journey,

Fills our lives with glowing

harmony. . .

"Fruit of the Harvest" 

we cherish each year,

To share with loved ones

we hold so dear . . .

Fruit of the Harvest Framed.jpg
PC Wine.jpg

I raise a "Moss Goose Wine Glass" 

to one and all,

With blessings aplenty,

both large and small.

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