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1904 St. Louis World's Fair

This entire collection has been sold.

a slice of history...

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Alphonse Mucha poster 
circa 1903
historical reference 
Missouri Historical Society
from the 1904 World's Fair, a collection of artifacts 

A collection of memorabilia and souvenirs from the 1904 World's Fair, including: books and albums, postcards, paperweights, glasses, mugs, cups, plates, handkerchief, trays, toothpick holders, notepad holder, pen, cobalt blue glass flower vase and glass ax.

There are hundreds of items in the collection available for purchase.

Cascades Garden Vase ~

Garden Vase

Did you know the Cascades Garden was where the official ceremony to start the World's Fair was held? Yes, President Theodore Roosevelt was of official who flipped the switch to start the fountain plumes of the White House exhibition on April 30, 1904 at precisely 1:04 p.m. thus the Fair began!

Stop in or call Carolyn for information on this vase.

The History ~

This photo is from the article written by Tim O'Neil of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured in "St. Louis Today" dated April 30, 2018. It featured an archived St. Louis Post-Dispatch article from 1904.


The following is an excerpt:

"The crowds had been filing through the ticket lanes since 8 a.m. Five hours later, an ensemble led by bandleader John Philip Sousa burst with patriotic fanfare.

Far away in the White House, President Theodore Roosevelt threw an electric switch. In Forest Park, water rushed from the cascades and fountains. Nearly 200,000 people were there to cheer."


Click the photo to visit the original article.

1904 Collection-1.JPG

The Spirit of St. Louis and Charles Lindbergh were the heroes of the day.

Commemorative plates, spoons and purses depict the treasures of the day.

Plates and Spoons
1904 Collection-1_edited.jpg
1904 Collection-1.JPG

A hand mirror, vases, commemorative glassware and cups of every kind are perfect for the discerning collector.

Whimsy and Books

Everything you need to know about the 1904 World's Fair in a nutshell, literally!


Cigar holder, ash tray and money clip for the discerning male of the day. 


A Visitor's Book about all the sights and displays featured, just like being there!

Cranberry Glass to Delight the Senses ~
Cranberry Glass
1904 Cranberry Cup on ped.jpg
PC 1904 Cranberry plate.jpg

A crystal base and handle are the perfect accent to deep cranberry cup of cheer.

Cranberry lattice hearts adorn the famous 1904 World's Fair depicting the famous Festival Hall.

Cranberry Glass.jpg
Cranberry Glass.jpg
1904 Cranberry Collection.jpg

Festive deep cranberry glass gems accented by glistening crystal cut glass bases ~ so beautiful!

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