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an all-time favorite . . .


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Seasons of Cardinals

A group of cardinals has gone by many  names including a college, a conclave, a deck, a radiance (my favorite), and a Vatican of cardinals.

Whereas a group of cardinal lovers may be considered birds of a feather . . .

"Spring in Appalachia" reminds me of all the beauty

nature brings ~

Birches and fields of rolling green

and the bubbling blue of our streams.

Spring in Appalachia Framed2.jpg
Scarlet Visitor Framed.jpg

A "Scarlet Visitor"  is a welcome sight;

the bold red beauties are such a delight!

"An Array of Scarlet" dots the skies,

then lights on dogwood branches to tantalize . . .

Array Scarlet Framed.jpg

our senses with a "Promise of Spring" ~

as our earth flourishes and explodes with red birds on wing.

Promise of Spring Framed.jpg
Bright Eyes Framed.jpg

Each with "Bright Eyes" for what will be,

as they flutter about from tree

to tree.

"Scarlet Splendor" gives such joy,

that red bird with a black mask, such

a handsome boy.

Scarlet Splender Framed.jpg
Spring Together Framed.jpg

Our "Spring Together" is filled with wonder,

even on days when storms

bring thunder.

"Crimson Dazzler" sets the scene,

amid berries and branches

no longer green . . .

Crimson Dazzler Framed.jpg
Winter Together Framed.jpg

"Winter Together" we'll be just fine,

in snowy days within hollies

and pines.

A "Cardinal Girl" I'll always be,

for these birds of red are pure

joy to me!

Cardinal Girl Framed.jpg

Click art images below for information on each piece.

Everything Cardinals

Bright Eyes ornament.png
Cardinal Pendent on white.JPG

"Bright Eyes"



pendant insert

Winter Together ornament.png

"Winter Together"


Scarlet Splendor ornament.png

"Scarlet Splendor"


Scarlet Splender Pend.jpg

"Scarlet Splendor"

pendant insert

Winter Together Pillow.png

"Winter Together"


"Promise of Spring"

ceramic tile trivet

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