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special memorials honoring and commemorating lives well-lived . . .

I am often asked about using Pat's art as an everlasting memorial to commemorate and celebrate the life of someone dear who has passed.  Below are a few of the memorials I've framed recently. I graciously thank my customers who have allowed me to share them with you . . .

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“When a cardinal appears in your yard, it’s a visitor from heaven.” 

~folklore, legend, & proverb

The crimson red cardinal is rich in symbolism. Beauty in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of sorrow, and renewal in the midst of winter.  


The word "cardinal" is derived from the Latin word cardo, meaning hinge or axis. Perhaps like a door hinge, the cardinal is often considered to be the hinge on the doorway between our earthly world and heaven.


Many are reminded, and at times even feel the presence of a departed loved one when a cardinal lights nearby. Cardinals are thought to carry messages back and forth between heaven and earth.

Crimson Requiem Memorial.JPG

"Christmas Requiem" memorial features "Crimson Dazzler"

The title of the print above is “Crimson Dazzler” and it is beautiful. We knew we wanted an extra opening in the mat so that we could include a phrase with the framing - we wanted something that was not maudlin or sad - something that would bring a smile and warm the heart when seen.


Because the man, who died, passed away during the holiday season, “Christmas Requiem” seemed like the perfect phrase to use in the opening.


Of course, a rich red had to be used somewhere in the matting because of the cardinal and berries on the branches. We chose a black-core red. The intensity of the red seemed to go perfectly with the image - not too bright; not too orange.


When choosing the outer mat, we selected a greenish gold with lots of texture. The green complimented the greens in the image, and the gold picked up on the golden highlights within the piece.


I wanted to add just a bit more detail to the framing, so I added the wide v-groove, allowing a bit more red to envelope the image. 

The wonderful thing about gifting a custom framed memorial is the personal touches and ideas the giver contributes, which makes the gift even more special and unique.

An ornament becomes a special framed memorial . . .

Cardinal Memorial generic.jpg

"Scarlet Splendor" ornament as a memorial.

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For this memorial we chose the ornament "Scarlet Splendor" complimented with three mats and an extra opening for wording.  In this case we added the loved one's name and dates of birth and death.  An ornate gold frame makes it an extra special family heirloom forever. 

Cardinal Memorial back.jpg

The certificate if authenticity is attached to the back.

Of course, Pat's art is rich in symbolism that can be used as a memorial to celebrate and memorialize the life of every loved one.


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