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January 2023-1

"I pray this winter be gentle and kind--a season of rest from the wheel of the mind. "

~ John Geddes

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Nature is Wondrous

"In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy." 

~ William Blake

A "Blue Ridge Winter" 

is a welcome sight, 

snuggling cardinals refrain from flight;

Drifts of snow keep us still,

as we gaze upon the warm cabin

atop the hill . . .

"Song of the Heart" 

makes my heart flutter,

Love birds embraced

imagine the romantic words

of passion they utter . . .

"Unbridled Joy" 

lights on a sprig;

His song welcomes spring

and the new life blossoms

on each twig  . . .

The "Stately Presence" 

of this bold beauty, 

a reminder to those

with a patriotic duty . . .

Deeply hidden in wooded brush,

quiet and cunning, seeking their bounty;

Playful and resilient are the

"Little Foxes of Delaware County" . . .

The folks of the

"Buckeye State of Ohio,"

applaud like thunder;

for the birthplace of aviation

and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

are a few of its many wonders . . .

A "Cool Morning Ride" 

through drifts of snow;

A crisp breeze and frisky horse

give my cheeks a rosey glow . . .

"Happy in the Hyacinth" 

this baby laughs and smiles;

A basket filled with love,

let's enjoy the spring for a while . . .

"Under Time's Spell" 

we fall each year,

as each glorious season

magically appears . . .

"Washed by the Season" 

every color explodes,

as sunlight hits the day

filled with pinks, greens and golds . . .

A "Blue Ridge Summer" 

fills the air,

With floral scents and

pine so pure . . .

"Call of the Morn" 

the rooster crows,

He's bold and courageous,

rather cocky, don't ya know . . .

The "Ever Present I and II" 

are a cardinal pair

ever true . . .

"Field of Sunshine" 

is a staff favorite;

The colors of summer

against and azure haze . . .

"Love's Promise" 

is like a fairyland drive;

 Horse, carriage, and two lovers

filled with joy to be alive.


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