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Red Thistle giclée

crimson and pink . . .

make this thistle very special . . . don't you think?

Red Thistle


This beautiful new image is framed with 3 mats that enhance and reflect the beauty of the color of the flower.  The cut of the mats also follow the form of the flower and further draw the eye into its beauty.

Price as framed above including print ~ $255 


Click here for price of print without framing.

The design and detail in the frame plays on the wispiness of the petals of the flower and the faint wash also picks up on the colors within the flower.

Red Thistle 


First in a special set of three flower prints to be released annually.

Issued in 2017 
Giclee on paper 

Regular Edition ~ $60 *framing not included

P Buckley Moss Society Member Special Price ~ $50  *framing not included

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print will benefit The P Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. 

Thistle with price

Click the button below to learn the story of this special flower that saved a country  . . .

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